Tuesday, October 19

Pakistani court sentences woman to death for blasphemy



A Pakistani court has sentenced a woman to death on charges of relative blasphemy with messages treated as “defamatory” towards him. prophet Muhammad in which she claimed to be a prophet herself.

Judge Mansur Ahmadi Qureshi has indicated in his verdict that “it is demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused, Salma Tanvir, wrote and distributed defamatory texts respecting the Prophet Muhammad.

Likewise, it has explained that the woman “has not been able to demonstrate that the case falls within the exception of section 84”, which deals with crimes committed by people with psychiatric problems, according to the Pakistani newspaper ‘Dawn’.

The lawsuit against the woman, an institute director accused of distributing texts proclaiming herself as a prophet, was filed in September of 2013 by a leader of the prayers in a mosque of the country.

The attorney for the accused, Muhamad Ramzan, has argued during the trial that the woman suffered psychological problems at the time she wrote the text, although the Prosecutor’s Office has denied that the woman was not aware of her actions.

An impossible defense

Accusations of blasphemy provoke such emotions in Pakistan that it is almost impossible to defend against them. Dozens of people have been killed following blasphemy charges, sometimes by mobs.

In June, the Lahore High Court acquitted a Christian couple sentenced to death for more than seven years for a crime of “blasphemy”, following an appeal process initiated by the couple in 2014 after rejecting the charges and the ruling.

The revocation of the sentences comes after this same court acquitted in October 2020 a christian man sentenced to death for blasphemy and had been on death row for more than six years after the appeals process was completed.

The man, Sauan Masí, became the second Christian to be acquitted after being sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan, after Asian Aunt, sentenced for alleged derogatory comments about Islam after neighbors complained that she drank water from her glass because she was not Muslim.

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