Friday, September 24

Pakistani Journalists Fill Taliban’s Afghanistan Information Gap



Since the Taliban took over Kabul, his communications team has been striving to gain international recognition by speaking the language of the West in public. Islamists have assured that they will respect the Women rights and freedom of the press, always under the precepts of Sharia.

In the last two decades, Afghanistan had woven a vast media network with women at the forefront of informational programs, such as those of Tolo News, the main 24-hour news channel in the country. Despite the fact that at first the return of the regular presenter to a program of the Afghan channel was very celebrated and the intention to protect the press because “it is useful for society”, Reporters Without Borders it has already encrypted up to about 100 private media outlets that have suspended their operations.

These days, Afghanistan has focused the media agenda, especially in the Anglo-Saxon universe, which had journalists on the ground. Media was the coverage of CNN’s chief correspondent, Clarissa Ward. At the moment, the evacuation of Ward itself has been joined by dozens and dozens of Afghan journalists, especially women, such as Wahida Faizi, who told the BBC that despite loving her country, she was forced to flee.

The journalists’ associations warn that, once the evacuation deadline and with it the media interest, the Taliban will be able to impose their agenda without paying attention to what they will say. Between August 17 and 20, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) He affirmed that militiamen raided the homes of several journalists and hope that as the days go by, these assaults will increase. “Many Afghans fear for tomorrow. The offices do not allow women to enter. Journalists and activists are in hiding or fleeing, “he denounced last Tuesday. Shahrzad Akbar of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) to the United Nations.

Local journalists and analysts denounce that while their colleagues try to avoid death, a wave of Pakistani journalists are landing to fill the information gap left by the West. Pakistan has been the country that has supported the Taliban the most, including its prime minister Imran Khan celebrated the fall of the Ghani Government. “While real Afghan journalists are fleeing threats, Pakistani journalists who have praised the Taliban so much are coming to Afghanistan. The image of the Taliban that is going to be built should not be surprising, ”investigator Hurmat Ali Shah denounced on Twitter.

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