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Pálpito: the Netflix series on organ donation that you must see | Digital Trends Spanish

Latin America continues to captivate streaming viewers as the Colombian thriller Hunch has become the new hit of the moment Netflixwith a captivating story where the creator Leonardo Padrón gets into the world of organ donation.

“A man determined to take revenge on the organ trafficking organization that murdered his wife accidentally gets involved with the woman who received his heart”, is the synthesis that calls us to delve into the 14 chapters of the first season.

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The story is filmed in Bogotá and stars figures such as Michel Brown, Ana Lucia Dominguez, Sebastian MartinezMargarita Muñoz, Juan Fernando Sánchez, Rebeca Milanés and Julián Cerati.

Hunch is a series that narrates the life of Camila, a photographer who takes a long time to arrive at her wedding and later suffers a heart attack that makes her pass out in the middle of the ceremony. Upon arrival at the hospital, the doctors explain that they must perform a heart transplant quickly; but she is three years on a long donor waiting list.

There appears her boyfriend Zacarías, who is involved in shady deals and who gets into the dark world of organ trafficking to give a heart to his fiancée.

The creator of the series, the Venezuelan Leonardo Padrón, commented in an interview on CNN what he was looking for with Hunch.

“I have always liked explore what happens in the human psyche when we are subjected to extreme situations. I am appealing to the most hackneyed resource of all, which is the heart as an unequivocal branch of human emotions, but taking it not as a metaphor, but taking it literally to precisely venture several questions, ”she said.

Another anecdotal fact is the presence of the character of Tomás, played by Julián Cerati, nephew of the deceased leader of Soda Stereo, Gustavo Cerati.

“A long time passed since he passed away and I was very young. Yes, we had a relationship and he was always very present in my family. I have family memories, but his music remains in my heart and in that of my family, ”he once commented in an interview with the newspaper El Comercio de Perú.

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