Tuesday, March 28

Pamplona fines 12,000 euros to ten people for the attacks on councilors and policemen in the San Fermín procession

The Pamplona City Council has filed ten administrative complaints worth 12,000 for the incidents that occurred on July 7 during the San Fermín procession in which several policemen were injured while guarding the municipal corporation during the procession’s passage through Curia street.

As reported by the Consistory, ten people are sanctioned for “their active participation in the disturbance of citizen security within the framework of the development of the San Fermín procession, rebuking and harassing part of the participants in it”, throwing drinks at them and “creating a situation of tension and violence.” For each of these people, a financial penalty of 12,000 euros is claimed.

In the different resolutions issued by the Citizen Security area, it is considered that the events that occurred on Curia Street on July 7 during the procession may constitute a serious offense typified in Organic Law 4/2015, of March 30, on protection of citizen security. The reason for the complaints and the possible sanctions has to do with some events that, as described, “occurred with violence, threats or intimidation, and given the entity of the risk produced for citizen security and the importance of the damage to the maintenance and restoration of citizen security, the amount of the proposed penalty is 12,000 euros”.

The City Council also points out that, along with this administrative route, the judicial route is still open, in which the Consistory has already signed and appear as a private prosecution in the procedure that is carried out to judge what happened as harmed in the events that occurred. In the days after the altercations, the Municipal Police arrested eight people for their participation in the attacks. For one of them, the alleged author of the punch that broke the nose of one of the agents, the judge ordered his admission to prison without bail in addition to charging him with an alleged crime of public disorder, attack on authority, hate crime and injuries. .

The event occurred during the return of the procession in which the municipal corporation accompanies the Cathedral Chapter to the Cathedral of Pamplona. As they passed through Curia street, several people shouted ‘UPN kanpora’ (‘UPN out’) and booed the municipal corporation as they passed through this street. In addition, they threw an object at the mayor of Pamplona, ​​Enrique Maya.