Wednesday, February 21

Pamplona launches the Chupinazo again after two years of suspension due to the pandemic

It has been the longest wait and the ladder with the most steps since the Civil War, when the Sanfermines were also suspended for two consecutive years (1937 and 1938) but, finally, this July 6, 2022, the former soccer coach and patient with ELA Juan Carlos Unzué has launched the Chupinazo again. Pamploneses, Pamploneses, Iruindarrak! This Chupinazo is dedicated to all the health workers and the people who have helped us during the pandemic. Also to all ALS patients. Long live San Fermín, gora San Fermin!” Unzué shouted.

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After two years without it due to COVID-19, Pamplona’s Town Hall Square has once again filled with people, despite the rain, to welcome 204 uninterrupted hours of partying.

Despite the municipal decree of the mayor, Enrique Maya, who prohibited the introduction of large flags in the Town Hall square “that may cause unwanted mass movements or any other similar element likely to cause direct or indirect damage”, two large banners -one from Navarra and another Ikurriña – coexisted with another -this one also with sticks- that called for an end to the dispersion of ETA prisoners.

In the moments before the Chupinazo, the mayor, Enrique Maya (Navarra Suma -UPN, PP and Ciudadanos-), called for responsibility and to celebrate the holidays “with a head” in the face of the growing number of infections and people hospitalized for COVID-19 in the last weeks.