Monday, March 4

Pamplona runs out of budgets after losing Navarra Add PSN support

Pamplona will have the 2021 budgets extended in 2022 after in plenary session this Thursday, just before the vote, the councilor of EH Bildu Garbiñe Bueno took office. The entire opposition (EH Bildu, PSN and Geroa Bai) has voted against, knocking down the municipal accounts.

A councilor of EH Bildu resigns in Pamplona after being convicted of an attack against agents of the authority

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After the announcement of his vote against the PSN, the only letter left to Mayor Enrique Maya (Navarra Suma) was to take advantage of the resignation of Joxe Abaurrea a few weeks ago after receiving a sentence of six months in prison for a crime of Attack against authorities for some incidents that occurred with the ikurriña in the chupinazo of Sanfermines in 2019 to use their casting vote to unbalance the vote in their favor.

The possible absence of an EH Bildu councilor, which finally did not occur after the inauguration of Garbiñe Bueno, meant that it would make it easier for Maya to use her casting vote to clear a tie produced by the votes in favor of the 13 councilors of her training against the 13 opponents of the opposition. Specifically, the results of the 2019 elections gave 7 councilors to the nationalist coalition, 2 to Geroa Bai and 5 to the PSN. The arrival of Bueno to the plenary session has unbalanced the balance in favor of the opposition, which with its 14 votes against has knocked down the accounts of the UPN, PP and Ciudadanos coalition.

During the debate, the mayor, Enrique Maya, has accused EH Bildu of being “authentic trileros” and has reproached the PSN, his partner in the 2021 accounts, “for an evident change of attitude that begins with the Capital Letter and continues with the budgets “. “Do not be tempted by those siren songs of Asiron to reach those harmful tripartite agreements for Pamplona,” he has asked the socialist spokesperson Maite Esporrín.

The spokesperson for Navarra Suma, María Echávarri, has assured that the Budgets “will make the City Council an active agent in the process of economic and social recovery”, allowing “to generate economic activity and employment” and with it “the sustainability of public services” provided by the Consistory. Faced with the negative vote announced by the opposition, he replied that “they will have to explain why they have decided to reduce the Pamplona budget in the year they need it most” after the Covid-19 crisis.

He has also assured that “we have waited until the last moment to see if they approved the new local financing” and has assured that “there is no approved norm that supports them” and, therefore, current income includes the Capital Letter. In this sense, he has considered “very regrettable that the opposition groups have attended to partisan interests before defending those of Pamplona and agree to suppress the Capital Letter” and has remarked that the municipal government will put “all the means to defend what we believe is justice and corresponds to the city of Pamplona as the capital of Navarra “.

For his part, the spokesman for the main opposition group, EH Bildu, Joseba Asiron, has accused Maya of putting “squid ink” to try to “cover his failures” with the rejection of the budgets. He has criticized that, aware that the accounts were not going to be approved, “a repetitive, unreal and malicious mess” has been presented with the aim of “impacting the Government of Navarra.” In addition, he has criticized the “attempt to push the budget by trying to match the rhythms of the budgets to coincide with the interim period” between the departure of Abaurrea and the entry of Bueno.

The socialist Maite Esporrín, who had already announced her vote against after denouncing “non-compliance” in the 2021 accounts, has considered that the budgets are “continuous, they do not contribute anything new, they are unreal, they are based on fictitious income.”