Monday, February 26

Panama Airlines Association swears in its new board of directors

The Panama Airlines Association (ALAP) swore in its new Board of Directors corresponding to the period 2022, in follow-up to the result of their recent elections.

The new one Board of Directors It has representatives of airlines from Latin America, North America and Europe, which currently maintain operations in Panama.

The event was attended by prominent special guests, such as His Excellency Denisse Guillén, Vice Minister of Tourism of Panama, Peter Cerdá, IATA VP for the Americas; Gustavo Pérez Morales, director of the Civil Aviation Authority of Panama, Raffoul Arab, general manager of the Tocumen International Airport, among others.

The Board of Directors is chaired by Charles Count as president; Adriana Fabrega, vice president; John Paul Serrano, secretary, Maria Eugenia Onofre, treasurer; Sussaned Duran, fiscal; Antoine Cross, vocal; Y Nori Falconi, vocal.

The elected president of the BASIS indicated that 2022 will continue to be a year of many challenges for aviation. After a good recovery, at the end of 2021, the industry faces the new variant of COVID-19 (Ómicron) that threatens the projection of growth.

With its new Board of Directors, the BASIS seeks to strengthen its role in the economic activation of the country, as well as the tourism industry, where it plays the role of the first link in the chain of tourism services.

Air Transport contributed 14% of Panama’s Gross Domestic Product before the pandemic, and has the potential to be among the country’s main economic engines.

“After a 2021 that began with a panorama of uncertainty, we were able to trace our own recovery projections to achieve an 85% recovery compared to pre-pandemic values, now this 2022 begins in a challenging way in the face of a pandemic that does not give up. However, I am sure that once again aviation will show its resilience. We will continue working hand in hand with the different organizations and unions to find the best path towards a definitive recovery of the industry and that we learn to live together under the new reality”, he commented. Carlos Conde, President of the Board of Directors of ALAP.

For its part, Denise Guillén, Deputy Minister of Tourism of Panama, extended his congratulations to outgoing president of the Panama Airlines Association, Paul De LaGuardia, for the work carried out during his administration and wished success to his successor, Carlos Conde, and to the new Board of Directors.

We know that the actions carried out in close coordination with government authorities will be important for the development and strengthening of tourism in our country”, he stressed.

He recalled that tourism is one of the most important pillars of the country’s economy.

“ALAP as an organized union for more than 50 years constitutes an important part in the chain of tourist services, which today face the challenges of a changing world, which demands more and more quality in the multiple services offered by the business, and in this aspect, there are important advances achieved in conjunction with the sector private,” he said.

I congratulate the new ALAP board and I know that the close collaboration with IATA will continue with them. The teamwork between ALAP and IATA has historically been key for aviation in Panama. As unions that represent the majority of airlines that operate in Panama, we will continue working together to contribute to a thriving and sustainable industry.”, commented Peter Cerda, IATA Regional Vice President for the Americas.

The new Board of Directors will focus on increasing the presence and exposure of ALAP as a union, as well as strengthening teamwork with various authorities from the public and private sectors, health authorities, as well as the different unions to promote the growth and development of the Air Transport and Tourism industry in Panama.