Friday, January 21

Panama Canal modifies the toll structure for passenger ships

As of February 1, 2022, the Panama Canal will apply a new toll structure and the tonnage rules for passenger ships, following the recommendation of the Board of Directors of the Panama Canal, a modification that was approved by the Cabinet Council.

The modifications eliminate the unit of charge based on berths, and establish the charge for all passenger ships. based on the CP / SUAB capacity (Panama Canal Universal Vessel Tonnage System), explains a press release from the Panama Canal Authority (ACP).

Passenger ships are gradually returning to the interoceanic waterway and The purpose of this modification is to return to a standardized and simplified toll structure based on CP / UMS capacity, ”said the administrator of the Panama Canal, Ricaurte Vásquez.

The proposal was announced on September 1, 2021. This began a formal 30-day consultation period that concluded with a public hearing on October 5, to ensure that interested parties submitted their comments for consideration.