Sunday, December 10

Panama confirms 26 active COVID-19 cases with the Omicron variant; there are 46 suspected cases at the Gorgas Institute

The Ministry of Health (Minsa), through the epidemiological, genomic and traceability surveillance system reported that to date it has detected through analyzes carried out by the Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies, 26 cases of Covid-19 with the new Omicron variant in the national territory, of which 17 are new cases confirmed in the last hours.

Another 46 suspected cases are under genomic analysis by the Gorgas Institute.

The cases are distributed as follows:

-11 correspond to the female sex.
-6 to male sex.
-The average age of those infected ranges between 24 and 60 years.
-The cases correspond to the health regions of Panama Metro: Lefevre Park, Pedregal, Betania, Pueblo Nuevo, Río Abajo, Bella Vista, and San Francisco.
-The people from San Miguelito reside in Amelia Denis de Icaza and Victoriano Lorenzo.
-The ones from Panama West of Punta Chame, Arraiján and Vista Alegre.

None of the cases detected has required hospitalization, they are kept in isolation and their detection has been thanks to the epidemiological surveillance and traceability applied by the health authorities.

Before the appearance of new cases, the health authorities headed by the holder of the portfolio, Luis Francisco Sucre, he reiterates to the population to be vaccinated in the more than 100 positions enabled in Operation PanavaC-19, throughout the national territory.

At these points, the first, second dose and the booster dose are placed in people from 16 years of age.

Sucre asked people to maintain the correct use of the mask, physical distancing and constant hand washing as well as the face shield in public passenger transport.