Sunday, February 5

Panama exported about $10 million to Turkey in the years 2020-21

Panama’s exports to Turkey totaled nearly $10 million in 2020 and 2021, which reflects the opportunities offered by this market for Panamanian agricultural, agro-industrial and industrial producers, according to a recent report released by the Trade Intelligence Office (Intelcom) of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (Mici)

In 2020, Panama exported about $5.9 million to Turkey in goods, and between January and November 2021 about $3.3 million, highlighting items such as fishmeal, pineapples, bananas, tanned leather and skins and sawn wood, details a statement from the Mici.

Turkey maintains a growth in its imports of more than 45% and that at the same time make up the Panamanian exportable supply, explains the report, which also details that industrial products such as ethylene polymers; toilet paper and similar paper for domestic and sanitary purposes; corrugated paper or cardboard boxes; and some constructions or parts of constructions, cast iron or steel, would have greater marketing possibilities.

He adds that the opportunities of these products are sustain by owning some of these goods 0% general import tariff in Turkey, despite the fact that Panama does not have a trade agreement with this country; for having been exported by our country previously, which gives us prior experience in international marketing for these items; to have competitive prices compared to the average import cost in Turkey; and because the demand for each of these products in Turkey is positive.