Thursday, December 2

Panama exports TV program to different markets in the region

Panama television is being projected internationally with the inclusion of the program “All I know“In the content bank of the Network of the Union of Public and Cultural Channels of Latin America (TAL), which brings together more than 85 channels in the region.

“All I Know” is content made by the Educational Television Service (SERTV) in alliance with the IInstitute of Professional Training and Human Development (Inadhe), in which Panamanian chefs, professors from this institution, teach audiences, through the different SERTV platforms, to prepare all kinds of recipes.

Inclusion in this content bank allows any of the 85 channels and more than 200 member institutions of TAL to access this content made 100% in Panama, which shows the talent of Panamanian chefs.

Inadeh It is an institution of the Panamanian State in charge of professional training, job training and training in business management; that promotes a culture of training for life and work.

Nicolas Shonfeld, Executive director of the TAL Network, describes “Everything I Know” as “a beautiful content that the Panamanian soul tells us through culinary culture… We are very happy to have Panama in this audiovisual circuit and collaborate in the construction of a new cultural positioning of Panama. Thank you very much SERTV for your high quality in audiovisual production and your commitment to audiences “

For Giselle González Villaruebe, general director of SERTV, “it is a pride that the channel of all Panamanians exports content that shows the talent of the Panamanian television industry and of our chefs throughout the region.”

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