Friday, January 21

Panama raises urgency in the search for solutions to irregular migration before the IOM

The Vice Chancellor, Dayra Carrizo Castillero, made a official mission in Geneva and Mexico to attend the 112th Session of the Council of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Regional Conference on Migration (CRM), forums in which the initiatives and actions of the National Government in the matter of irregular migration were recognized.

The country’s positioning agenda took Vice Chancellor Carrizo Castillero to Geneva where she participated in the 112th session of the Council of the International Organization for Migration, before which rreiterated the proposal to analyze the irregular migratory situation, From the particular perspective of each country, be it of origin, temporary residence, transit or destination, which allows the joint adoption of sustainable strategies in the face of the commitments and objectives of the Global Compact on Migration, highlights a statement from the Foreign Ministry of Panama.

The IOM Council considered the Panamanian approach to the urgency of security policies appropriate cooperative that promote regional stability and safe, orderly and regular migration.

As a transit country, Panama provides comprehensive care: health, food and data collection for people in international human mobility, it also applies protocols for early detection and timely segregation of Covid-19 positive migrants.

Vice Foreign Minister Carrizo took the opportunity to talk with Antonio Vitorino, Director General of the IOM and Manuela Tomei, Director of Conditions of Work and Employment Program of the ILO, with the latter she discussed gender equity and salary equality, as Panama is one one of the first countries to join the initiative “International Coalition for Equal Pay (EPIC) ”.

He also had meetings with Raouf Mazou, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; Monica Ferro, Director of the United Nations Population Fund; Valeria Gamboni, Deputy Regional Director for the Americas of the International Committee International Committee of the Red Cross and Nada Al-Nashif, United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The next official mission took the Vice Chancellor to Mexico, where before the Regional Conference on Migration (CRM), she once again positioned the country as a leader with initiatives and actions for regional stability and safe, orderly and regular migration. At the forum, he highlighted the progress of the National Government, led by President Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, in managing to internationalize the problem of irregular migratory flows and the fight against human trafficking.

This positioning of Panama in the matter has been recognized by unanimous acclamation, upon being elected to the MCA Pro Tempore 2023 Presidency.

So much before the OIM as the CRM, the vice chancellor reiterated the importance of shared responsibility between countries of origin, transit and destination, for a regional and comprehensive approach to the phenomenon, to maintain constructive multilateral dialogue between States and international organizations, the joint adoption of logical and sustainable strategies over time, as the only way to seek humanitarian treatment, minimize risks to health and security caused by the current immigration situation.

Panama has led initiatives and convened regional meetings to deal with irregular migration, followed by the installation of working groups made up of the countries of the entire area, both on migration and judicial matters, to continue internationalizing issues related to this type of flow.

In response to this phenomenon, it is the only country that provides temporary shelter, food, medical care, biometric data collection, and applies protocols for the early detection and timely segregation of COVID-29 positive patients and their direct contacts of irregular migrants. .