Wednesday, December 8

Panama regrets election results in Nicaragua

The Foreign Ministry of Panama issued a statement this Monday, November 8, in which it regrets the results of the Nicaraguan general elections held this Sunday, November 7, 2021.

“The government of the Republic of Panama, consistent with the defense of the rule of law, democracy, respect and promotion of human rights and freedom of expression regrets that the elections did not comply with the minimum guarantees required to carry out elections free, participatory, fair, transparent and inclusive ”, they point out.

The results of the elections give as preliminary winner to Daniel Ortega, with 74.99%, after scrutinizing 49.25% of the voting tables. Which brings him to his fourth consecutive presidential term.

“Committed to strengthening democracy in the region, rejects the exclusionary conditions of the electoral process, as well as the systematic violations of human rights and arrests of leaders and relevant figures of the Nicaraguan opposition and social movements, the continuous breakdown of the institutional framework , the restrictions against the media and civil society ”, indicates the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

They call on the Nicaraguan authorities to comply with their international commitments, immediately release political prisoners and restore all their civil and political rights.

“Only through democratic and peaceful means and observing the human rights of all actors in society, will it be possible to address the situation facing this sister nation.”