Tuesday, February 20

Panama seeks that research at the Coiba AIP scientific station generate a greater impact

Panama redoubles its efforts to maintain its regional leadership as an articulator of international agreements focused on the conservation of the environment and the generation of public policies aimed at preserving coastal marine areas, some of them linked to the Coiba National Park where the Coiba AIP Scientific Station is located, an important research center which hopes to receive support from international funds to generate a greater impact.

We are going to turn the international community to this project, generate resources, interest, bring scientists; This is an area that has not been disclosed and that needs greater visibility, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Erika Mouynes, during a work tour at the scientific station carried out together with the Secretary General of Senacyt, Dr. Eduardo Ortega Barria and Dr. Edgardo Díaz Ferguson, researcher and executive director of Coiba AIP.

According to Dr. Diaz Ferguson, the visit is part of a series of strategic actions to publicize the research capabilities of Coiba AIP. Each and every one of these contributions generates relevant data that will influence the future implementation of the national ocean policy.

“The information we generate from Coiba AIP strengthens the actions of the state in decision-making using science as a basise, and it is expected that in the future it will be the way forward in the region; Likewise, the strategy as a country is strengthened to face the goals of the Sustainable Development Goals in terms of biodiversity.”

The collaboration of scientific data in conjunction with public policies will help to give greater visibility; internationalizing the great work carried out by the scientific community in the country for many years, pointed out Dr. Eduardo Ortega Barria, secretary general of Senacyt and president of the board of directors of Coiba AIP.

Acquiring new resources for the science station will help us focus on priority areas and this tour in particular will allow accelerate the realization of the project that is so important to us and that is identified as a priority for Senacyt”

Panama declared on June 8, 2021 the protection of the coastal marine areas of the areas surrounding the Coiba National Park, initiative that joined countries such as Costa Rica and Colombia. It is worth mentioning that in 4 years Coiba AIP has 31 scientists and has carried out 15 investigations.
In April 2021, the first phase of the first living laboratory in the Panamanian Pacific specialized in marine ecology and biological oceanography was inaugurated.

A new laboratory will soon be installed in the city of Santiago de Veraguas.