Saturday, December 4

Panamanian industrial sector exports grow 48% amid Covid-19

From January to September 2021, exports of goods from the industrial sector registered an increase of 48% compared to the same period in 2020, being one of the fastest growing in the country, after the mining sector, reported the National Directorate for the Promotion of Exports of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (Mici) by means of a press release.

Products such as cement (+ 100%), corrugated cardboard (+ 49.7%), lubricating oils (+ 100%), clothing (+ 76.9%), acrylic polymer-based paints (+ 2000%), medicines (+ 15.6%), cement additives (+ 61.2%), wood (+ 32.7%), hides and leather (+ 138.6%) ) and prefabricated structures (+ 22.3%), to name a few, appear on the list of the most exported.

In general, non-mineral exports performed well, reaching an increase of 13.1%, compared to the previous year.

Other sectors such as agro-industrial (+ 10.4%) and agriculture (+ 0.3%) tThey also showed signs of recovery in their exports, highlighting items such as: palm oil (+ 53.8%), shrimp (+ 47.1%), watermelon (+ 33.6%), pumpkin (+ 85.4%), cocoa beans (+ 16.7%) ), vegetable oils (+ 55.7%) and rum (+ 45.7%).

“These results show that the Panamanian export sector has the courage, the ability to continue innovating and diversifying the exportable offer with added value to conquer new markets. We have challenges ahead and we are sure that by aligning efforts with the private sector we will continue to conquer more countries with our products, ”said Eric Dormoi, MICI’s National Director of Export Promotion.

He added that exports of Panamanian goods totaled $ 2,586.1 million, about $ 1,303.5 million more than in the same period of 2020, being one of the highest figures reported during the year.

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