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Panamanian students at the final of the Samsung Solutions for the Future contest

The qualifying jury of the Samsung Electronics Solutions for the Future contest has already chosen the winning projects from each country that will compete for the regional grand prize in the competition that challenges the intellect, creativity and ingenuity of young people in the region.

The novel ideas of the nine teams of students from Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic, they were chosen from a total of 889 proposals and more than 2,500 participants from these new countries.

Each project proposes a solution to a problem that directly or indirectly affects the community to which the students belong, and ranges from the use of clean and renewable energies, the prevention of natural disasters, sustainable cultivation techniques, to alternatives to problems of health and access to medicines.

From these nine finalists, a regional champion will be chosen, who will represent the region in the Latin American meeting of Solutions for the Future.

These are the winners and the videos in which their proposal can be seen:

Costa Rica – (CEP-Centro Educativo Pindeco) – Wisdom App, a space that collects the wisdom of the elderly and also gives them an opportunity to stay active in society by contributing their knowledge.

Ecuador – (Educational Unit February 12) Automation of Nutrient Film Variables. An innovative hydroponic growing system, friendly to the environment, that closely manages the variables for chemical-free crops.

The Savior – (Instituto Nacional Benjamín Estrada Valiente Metapán) – One step, one volt. (Eco-footprints) to generate clean and environmentally friendly electrical energy using the kinetic energy that humans produce when walking.

Guatemala – (INEB Victor Manuel de la Roca) – MP Energy. Generate energy sources for the community through devices arranged on public roads wind power base.

Honduras – (San Jerónimo Government Institute). Home Respirator, a New Alternative to Fight Covid-19.

Nicaragua – (Aurora Gonzalez Center). My Voice. Provide a sign language text-to-image translator for deaf-mute people and the general population.

Panama – (David Institute). YASU: Robotic System. A diagnostic and management tool in decision-making, which can be used preventively to reduce the impact of natural disasters in the country.

Dominican Republic – (Scientific High School Dr. Miguel Canela Lázaro). Passive Integrated Systems. Devices that passively capture mechanical energy from human actions to produce electrical energy.

Venezuela – (Bicentennial of Independence Educational Unit). Community Plant, an alternative to obtain traditional allopathic medicines in the pharmacy, through a prototype made up of 2 main components, an informative application and a distiller.

Until November 30 there is an opportunity to vote for the favorite project of the contest. On December 10, the regional winner will be announced.

Solutions for the Future is a program of the Corporate Citizenship management through which young high school students propose and develop ideas to solve a specific problem in their community or region, through the application of the knowledge learned in the so-called STEM subjects. , abbreviations in English of Mathematics, Science and Technology.

Since its launch in the region in 2014, more than 8,000 students from 3,500 schools have participated in the contest and generated 4,200 proposals for novel ideas. Last year 2,394 ideas from young people from eight countries in the region were registered. Students in the 9th to 12th grade of secondary school and who are between 15 and 18 years old participate in the contest, along with their teachers and tutors.

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