Wednesday, August 17

Panamanian students get ahead with their studies, despite the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for Panamanian students who have given all their effort and dedication to adapt to virtual classes and continue their studies applying good practices such as discipline, organization, curiosity for knowledge, perseverance and above all the firm decision to make their dreams come true of becoming the future professionals of Panama.

This was reflected in the discussion “Students as protagonists of their education”, organized by the Permanent Multisectoral Council for the implementation of the National Commitment to Education (Copeme) in alliance with student associations, within the framework of National Student Day in Panama, which is commemorated on October 27.

This space for citizen participation fulfilled its objective of making visible the leading role that Panamanian students from all over the country have assumed to continue their studies in times of pandemic, despite adversities such as lack of economic and technological resources, low or no connectivity, quarantine, health and the need for the support they receive in schools.

The virtual discussion was attended by students from various regions of the country such as the Ngäbe-Buglé region, Guna Yala region, the provinces of Colón and Herrera, the Normal School of Santiago, Panama City and the district of San Miguelito, who related their experiences and actions taken to move from face-to-face to virtual classes, successfully continue their studies in this unexpected health crisis and support their colleagues to move forward.

Here are his reflections:

Rosmely Palacio V year of the San Agustín de Kankintú School, in the Ngäbe-Buglé Region

“We have to make an effort, have a positive mind, not give up because with every effort we are going to achieve something positive.”

“As a student from the region, I have taken on the challenge of virtual classes, since we do not have a good signal or electric light, but that does not prevent me from continuing to study, thanks to my effort, sacrifice, dedication and responsibility, if I can, you can too, fight for your dreams ”.

Cristie Pineda, 6th year of the Monsignor Francisco Beckman School in San Miguelito

We must have had the courage to get up with the will not to faint and not be afraid, to know that once we managed to take a rhythm, everything was going to advance positively ”.

“As resilient students we have to learn to adapt, and find the space to study by our own means, to be independent, to appropriate the knowledge and use the tools that technology offers, to be able to investigate and learn everything we need ”.

Liszeyka Kantule from V year of the Carlos López Inaqueliguiña School in the Guna Yala Region

“It has been super difficult because in the region we do not have signal and many colleagues do not have the resources to acquire the cards for the cell phone, but we have moved forward, supporting each other so that no one is left behind, so that we can all continue with our studies. That has been the strength of our region, the mutual support to get ahead, and that, although we are separated by distance, we are more united than ever “

Jonathan Montenegro of V year of the Normal School of Santiago

“They canbe protagonists of our education with leadership, in this pandemic we have shown the courage to move forward ”.

“It has meant a challenge and a sacrifice to be able to give my virtual classesYes, I am putting all my effort because I am pleased to know that as a future educator I will be able to have the knowledge and technology to bring learning to my future students ”.

Kadin Simons from V year of Colegio Abel Bravo de Colón

“In this pandemic as a student I decided to take charge of my education, implement goals and discipline every day to fulfill my virtual classes and thus be able to achieve my dreams ”.

One of the main practices that has helped me is the organization because it allows me to fulfill not only my classes and tasks, but also other tasks that are important for my training ”.

Aramel Ríos from the 6th year of the Panama Commercial Institute

“The pandemic has helped me to be more independent in all my work, I have grown as a person and I am doing my best, assuming the leading role in my training as a generational replacement, to guarantee a better future with a view to Panama achieving the development we want ”.

Technology is here to stay and will be a vital tool for educationIt has been difficult, but we have to move on, we have united and mutually supported each other to give that motivation, especially for those who are going through difficult situations at home and have seen their mental health affected. Good performance requires emotional stability and that cannot be ignored, you have to be in optimal condition to give your best and we have been supporting each other.

Adriana Steel from V year of the National Institute

“We want to show society that young people are aware of what is happening in the country, that we want to be agents of change, that we need the economy to improve and education to improve and to be more equitable and inclusive. As young people we have the right and the duty to take the lead to promote the change we want to see in this society “

Do not abandon your dreams, that no situation or comment appeases your desire to continue ahead, We must continue along the path of effort and discipline and make ourselves heard because their words and actions are worth a lot.

The panel was moderated by David Pérez, who in 2020 when the schools closed in the midst of the health crisis was in his last year of studies at the Colegio Padre Segundo Familiar Cano, in Monagrillo, Chitré, province of Herrera, and managed to graduate from high school in Sciences.

He is currently studying Business Industrial Engineering at the Universidad Latina de Panamá in Chitré. He was a representative of the students before the Copeme.

“We have to focus on our goals and be clear about the objective of why we want to do things, it is important to know that, despite the pandemic and the circumstances, you have to be within that technological revolution and you have to move forward with our dreams ”, David pointed out during his speech.

The general coordinator of Copeme, Igualibiliguiña Hedman, emphasized that, although this crisis brought us a difficult scenario, it also opened new opportunities for our teachers and students to reinvent themselves towards new study modalities that allowed them to gain skills such as discipline, perseverance, resilience, the management of new technologies and teaching methods. study, among others.

“Today we are proud of the success stories of our students, which, amid the adversities experienced by the pandemic, have gotten the best of themselves, to adapt to virtual classes by applying good practices to be able to continue their studies, empower themselves with their education and seize knowledge “.

From Copeme we will continue putting our best effort so that Panama has a quality, inclusive and equitable education.