Tuesday, July 5

Pandemic: Another Screen

A being that gets used to everything; it seems the best definition I can make of man

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Today I speak to you from my vantage point about the complete guideline, but I am sure that many read me from the same psychological lightness, which inevitably causes knowing that your risk of contagion is very low and that, of course, the possibilities that you life is in danger too. Those who still do not enjoy such an intimate conscience, do not doubt it, they will have it as soon as their term to achieve immunity has elapsed. I know of no one who has not felt that pleasant sensation that allows him to let go of panic even if he has not yet let go of caution.

The human being is very capable of getting used to the worst situations –and that gives us survival points– but it also drags inertias that make it difficult to assume the variation of circumstances and the need to analyze things differently. It does not cease to amaze that there are public officials, some with health training, who are asking in the current circumstances to return to a restriction of rights as brutal as the curfew. It began by shaking us to the word, because it brought to all of us the aftertaste of war, conflict, dictatorship, brutal anomaly, and it has ended up being trivialized as if it were the aspirin that they dispense us at the least occasion. There we fully understand why a state of alarm requires certain conditions of parliamentary control and why a health law only allows judges – judges – to agree on restrictions for specific people and not for the population as a whole.

40% of Spaniards have the complete regimen and 16% have at least one dose. ICU pressure is 6.7%, about 5% that is considered normal. We have knowledge about the pandemic and we have the means of protection. Do you remember when a mask was a treasure and the hydroalcoholic gel had to be looked for like black gold? The incidence figures are very high among young people, that is true, but it does not seem that this can justify the use of a panoply of restrictive measures of rights and freedoms that Spanish citizens mostly accepted willingly when the situation was clearly worrying but that it is impossible to reproduce now. No one is going to accept being locked up at home indiscriminately, even when vaccinated, simply because they cannot find the formula to control or seduce or repress a certain segment of the population.

We are on another screen, fortunately, and it seems to me that some scientists and some politicians do not quite realize it. Without deaths and without unsustainable pressure in hospitals, exceptional measures no longer have a place. So we will have to think about other solutions. Even issues such as perimeter closures or the closure of the hospitality industry in a global way begin to seem excessive to me. With more than half of the population vaccinated there is little reason to deprive these citizens of their freedoms.

In reality, they are proclaiming loudly, in the Interterritorial and in the media, the impotence to govern a strip of the population, between 18 and 29 as they say, that as expected they have decided to take the world as a hunt once that the most serious risk has passed. Young people are not stupid. They know the screen has passed and there is little chance of anything serious happening to them if they catch it. They know it, as their parents and grandparents know, who are already vaccinated and who, therefore, are not so afraid of the event. I am not saying that they do well, I am saying that what they do they do with a certain knowledge of the situation that is not entirely wrong.

We have never been serious about eliminating the coronavirus completely. The bet was to protect ourselves from him, not to end him. That possibility was lost in the first moments that the tracking faded. We have never tracked. Perhaps because it was impossible in a globalized society and because, as in other pandemics, we have always known that the virus has come to stay, so our bet has been immunization and it will also be advances in treatment. Mutations can occur and they can be more skillful and contagious, but they will certainly do us less harm. It is another screen and it is not clear that it makes sense to continue measuring reality with the same parameters.

But that realization persists that the authorities do not know how to govern the youth. They coincide in many cases with their parents. They have no material means of coercion to prevent them from doing what is in fact prohibited, such as drinking bottles and parties in public places, and in the face of impotence they raise their hands to demand the freedoms of all, as if the resignation of mature citizens could drag the will of those who have decided that the game is over for them.

Another idea has been to propose to vaccinate them first, as if the cheerfully uncivil behavior should be rewarded with all haste. Maybe that’s what happens to them that when they decide they want something, a whole world surrenders to offer it to them. Nor is it a solution, I do not think that the Spaniards of previous decades who have been waiting patiently and cautiously for their dose will be very happy that they are skipped in order to continue drinking cubatas.

What remains is to vaccinate. Vaccinate and vaccinate.

We are on another screen. They cannot tell me that the situation in Spain right now is one of “extreme risk” due to the contagion figures because we all know that this is not the case. We have lived dangerously, we already know what risk and disease and death are.

Another screen.

Other solutions.

A political battlefield to be extinguished.