Thursday, October 28

Pandora’s jar



The discovery of the Pandora papers, it would seem that it is not so much in spite of the planetary diffusion that they are given. With those of Panama, it would give the impression that the curiosity about the hiding place of the fortunes of the rich, famous, singers, kings, writers, intellectuals, businessmen and politicians is exhausted. Now, with Pandora, old names come out again and some new ones of savvy, lively or prudent – it depends on the country of origin – but, having seen and read and heard the defense of some of those affected, I am afraid that not even in the background from the jar of myth, there must be hope to uncover something really big. In other words, that this, we have already seen, which is

more of the same and that most of the ‘accused’ put their money in order and today they have all of them in blank, safely or in more transparent investments. Because, by the way, having an account in a banking paradise is not a crime. Another thing is not to declare it where it touches you.

What would be interesting to know is where the millions of corruption of power are, not those who won them by giving the chest on a stage, with the pen, the ball, the computer or any other clean and legal element, so that later the Treasury on duty would arrive and put a blow to them – as in Spain to those on the payroll and self-employed – with a bang.

What I really would like to know is in which safe deposit boxes, encrypted accounts, bitcoin key or wherever, are the millions and millions of dollars and euros of the Castro family, those that Hugo Chávez hid and that today his descendants enjoy Shamefully, those of Nicolás Maduro and Cilia Flores, those of that sinister marriage formed by Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo or, to cite examples of evil, in what coordinates of Patagonia are hidden the sealed barrels loaded with green bills declared by the repentant Kirchnerism (ironic that no Kirchner appears with Pandora). The rest, the truth, I don’t give a damn.

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