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Panini Qatar 2022 album: apps to keep track of your figurines | Digital Trends Spanish

The most nostalgic may remember those nineties afternoons, where with pencil and notebook in hand, a record of the missing figures or sheets or stickers in the football albums was kept. And for him Panini Qatar 2022 Album, some will continue with that old technique, however, today excel or many apps make the job easier.

Applications to keep track of Panini Qatar 2022 Album:

The classic Excel

One of the easiest and completely independent ways to keep track is to create an Excel with all 670 album sheets.

There is a tutorial on YouTube:

But there is also a user in MercadoLibre who is selling it already assembled:

They published an Excel in MercadoLibre to mark the World Cup figures that you have and see how many are missing at $1000 and it has 4 already sold, in this country those who do not want do not work

— Tin (@tinconomics) August 24, 2022


This is an application created by a Uruguayan engineer named Matthias Jurfest.

figurines was born from the invention of Jurfest, a fan of world cup albums. The Uruguayan collects albums since France ’98, although fanaticism runs in the family, he inherited from his uncle the album of Italy ’90. “I started to keep track of the figurines repeated and missing on a piece of paper; and one day returning home from work, I questioned myself: how could it be that in 2018 we continue with the piece of paper? It occurred to me to make a very simple app to keep track of the album,” he told the Uruguayan outlet El País.

New iOS version 🙌📱
– 🔤 Sort the album in alphabetical order.
– 🥤 Coke section available to add.
– 🇦🇷 Show code of each section along with the name.

We are still waiting for the Android one, we will notify you when we have news.

— Figuritas App Qatar 2022 (@figuritasapp) August 29, 2022

Figures QATAR Cup 2022

Figurinhas Cup Qatar 2022, is much more traditional, but just as organized as Figuritas. This Brazilian development also allows visualizing how much is missing and the repeated plates.

Control Album Qatar 2022

with this app Control Album Qatar 2022, you can keep a basic control of the figurines or sheets that you already have in your Qatar 2022 World Cup album and the pending ones to get. The application has the option to view all the figures, the repeated ones, the pending ones and a summary in totals.

Sticker Collector 2022

This mobile app allows you to mark the figurines for ios, that one has, the repeated ones, the missing ones and perhaps the best thing about this application is that it allows you to exchange the figurines repeated with other people.

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