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Panini Qatar 2022 album: How much does it cost and where to get it? | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the traditions every four years is that with each World Cup, comes the launch of the long-awaited album of prints, figurines, prints or stickers, or whatever they call it in their countries, that unique product from the Italian company Panini. And the Qatar 2022 Panini Album It is not the exception, already causing a lot of expectation in the fans.

And the questions that collectors ask the most is: How much does the album cost? and where to get it?

Nicolás Sallustro, marketing manager of Panini Argentina, to Infobae commented that There are two album formats for Latin America:

«There are two different versions of the album worldwide, although very similar. The difference is that in the subsidiaries of Mexico, Brazil and Chile there are 670 figurines to get instead of the 638 in the Argentine market«.

Sallustro was also in charge of demystifying the existence of a more difficult sheet:

«The difficult figure is a myth. The same amount of all the figurines that make up an album are printed and are in circulation from the first day, with the release of the album, all the figurines that complete it », he indicated.

Panini’s manager in Argentina also tells how the figures for the album are selected:

“From an editorial point of view, we have a team of 10 people who work on making up the collection. Then we have a design team that is in charge of the first sketches and once approved by FIFA, we proceed to design the album that we finally see on the street. The editorial development process starts around 8 months before the launch. We start by defining the structure of the collection following the FIFA guidelines, then we have a process of direct interaction with all the teams to obtain the photos of the players”, he adds.

How much does it cost in Mexico?

The cheapest is the official album that includes four envelopes at a price of 89 Mexican pesos without taking into account the cost of shipping, although the top product of the site is the ‘stadium package’ which includes a commemorative stadium, the gold edition of the collectible and 104 envelopes for 2,499 pesos.

How much does it cost in Argentina?

At a suggested retail price of $750 for the album ($3,000 for the hardcover) and $150 for each pack of figurines.

How much does it cost in the United States?

  • Softcover album without envelopes: $2
  • Box with 50 envelopes: US$ 75

How much does it cost in Chile?

The album will cost 3,000 Chilean pesos, individual envelopes 750 pesos and the box with 96 envelopes will cost around 73,000 pesos.

How much does it cost in Colombia?

In Colombia there are many collectors who will have to pay 9,900 Colombian pesos for the traditional version, while the envelopes with 5 stamps are around 3,500 pesos and the box with 104 envelopes is around 334,000 pesos.

How much does it cost in Peru?

The Panini Qatar 2022 Album It has a cost of S/ 7.00 in its cheapest version and S/ 39.90 in hard cover. In addition, in this edition, it has 670 figurines, which will come in envelopes of S/ 3.00, with 5 figurines each. In addition, there is a package that contains 104 envelopes and has a value of S/ 300.

Where to get it?

The Panini Qatar 2022 album can be obtained at the official Panini sites in each of the countries, in sales through Mercado Libre or retails, and from the first week of September in kiosks and authorized stores.

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