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Panini Qatar 2022 Virtual Album: how to get it and fill it | Digital Trends Spanish

It’s coming by leaps and bounds Qatar soccer world cup 2022and the Italian company Panini, brings as always the classic album of collectible figures, a true guide to follow the selections that will go to the Middle East.

And since the World Cup in South Africa 2010, following with Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018, the album can also be filled virtually, expanding the collection possibilities for fans.

How to get Qatar virtual album 2022

The Qatar 2022 World Cup virtual album can be purchased in two ways:

  1. Downloading the app Panini Digital Stickeravailable for IOS and Android.
  2. or entering the official Web by Panini

The app will deliver daily two free envelopes to each user. All those who are connected online will be able to exchange the duplicate stickers with other accounts in order to have a better chance of filling the album.

You can also get cards —shiny figurines— by completing a series of missions and objectives proposed by the same application. In turn, both FIFA and Panini and Coca-Cola will deliver various promotional codes through different products and posts on their social networks that will serve to obtain more packages per day.

When will the paper album be released?

Panini, the company in charge of producing the World Cup album internationally, confirmed that August 24, three months before the start of the competition, will be the date on which it will go on sale in the United States. Although there is no official date yet, it is speculated that it will be available from September 7 for Latin America. The proposal will have three versions: paperback, hardcover and premium, gold.

In any case, there is already a pre-sale available for the album to reach you these last days of August.

How many figurines and stickers will the 2022 World Cup album have?

Panini confirmed that the complete collection of the album is from 638 figurines, which will have 50 specials. Also, there will be 20 players which will have a version with an image of the footballer in action and will have a color variation. On this occasion, the information that will appear on the players is their image and the shield of the national teams, but there will be no mention of their clubs of origin, since there were several transfers in the last transfer market and the figurines were created before.

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