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Pantaya Announces the Release Date of “Señorita 89” in the United States | Digital Trends Spanish

The streaming service Pantaya announced the premiere of the series Miss 89, a story set in Mexico in the eighties and that portrays the chiaroscuro of the Miss Mexico beauty pageants. The series will arrive in Pantaya on February 27 in the United States and Puerto Rico.

The series has in its cast the Mexican actress Ilse Salas (Girls alright), who grew up in the eighties influenced by these types of contests.

“It is a time very close to my generation, who grew up with all these social conditions”, said the actress at a press conference.

The story of Miss 89 revolves around Concepción (the character played by Salas), who is the leader and matriarch of the Miss Mexico pageant. The contest will have the participation of 32 women, each representing the 32 states of Mexico.

Among the contestants are the actresses Bárbara López (The set of keys) and Ishbel Bautista (Hernan). The script and direction are on behalf of the Argentine Lucía Puenzo (The pack), who with Miss 89 seeks to create a dramatic thriller with all the glamor of eighties Mexico.

The producers of the series are Oscar winners Pablo and Juan de Dios Larrain.

In Mexico, Miss 89 It will be broadcast on the Starzplay streaming service, which is offered as an individual subscription or in combination with the Disney + service.

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