Tuesday, December 7

Paolo Rocca highlighted the competitiveness of Argentina

“We are facing an important challenge but an extraordinary opportunity,” said Rocca when speaking at the 62nd. Congress of the Latin American Steel Association (Alacero) which was done virtually.

For the president of Techint, “what is emerging is a very important opportunity for our industry and our countries, to enter with force in the redefinition of the value chain worldwide”.

The businessman stressed that in the post-pandemic “the recovery of the activity was very strong and generated a very important distortion in the value chain.”

He also remarked that this situation accounted for “the fragility of the extended value chain and the need to shorten the channels and the reaction speed of the chain, using all the instruments of digitization.”

Rocca stressed that “the confrontation between the United States, Europe, Japan and China generates difficulties in the value chain”, and affirmed that “all companies in the world are considering what is a structure in time that takes into account the fragility and the risks of the geopolitical question “.

He also stated that “lhe energy transition entered the agenda of all companies and in the industrial distribution chain with force “.

The head of the country’s main steel group said that “the steel chain is essential for industry and infrastructure,” because he stressed that “it can transform society, create valuable jobs.”

In this regard, he compared that “Latin America participates with 30% of its industry in the world value chain, when in Europe that figure is 60%”.

“The weakness and primarization of the economies of the region cause inequality and loss of social mobility,” said Rocca, who considered that “the opportunity to participate as protagonists in a redefinition of the chain should lead us to observe and work with great force “.


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