Wednesday, October 27

Papers, joints and rentals

Today is the day of the details. The Government brings to Congress the General State Budgets, which are still symbolized with books of different colors (yellow, blue, gray, red …) where the detail of the expenditure and investment planned for next year is structured. Yellow is the important one. From 12 noon, get ready to see headlines throughout the day with a percentage increase in all kinds of games, big and small, important and anecdotal. Budgets take advantage of everything. And we say increase because in general these accounts are expansive, so much so that the economic analysts most critical of the government say they are impossible to comply with. We’ll see.

They would of course be easier to comply with if many large companies paid their taxes without tricks. Today we publish in devastating data on how dozens of Spanish multinational companies pay taxes in Luxembourg or Malta corresponding to their activity abroad (of course, almost never focused on those two countries, where they hardly have employees). With this they get to benefit from a corporate tax below 3%, far from what they would have to pay in Spain or many other EU countries. Then they complain about tax pressure because the Government raises in these Budgets a tax increase to 15%, but in reality the pressure is not going with them because they have a lot of money off that radar.

The pig and the sea

4.5 tons of dead fish have been removed from the Mar Menor. The seriousness of the matter passed the same way because it was August and things happen to us in August. But what has happened in Murcia is very serious And today we reveal a new detail to you in a joint investigation by, the European entity Lighthouse Reports, La Marea and The Guardian: the macro-farms of livestock exploitation, specifically the pig, have contributed to spillage, lack of control and passivity to contamination which, according to experts, can pass several legal red lines. The Government of Murcia received notice and did nothing. Some of these meat ‘factories’ belong to international groups that receive European subsidies. Here are the conclusions of months of research

The San Martín de Boris

He campaigned full of misinformation and xenophobia in favor of Brexit in that referendum that approved it in 2016. Then he punished his party colleague and Prime Minister, Theresa May, ad nauseam for being lukewarm with the EU and accepting half measures. The demands of his hard current brought May down, and he took over. He signed a rigid and express agreement to leave the EU. And now your country is in chaos. The United Kingdom has become a country closed to immigration without sufficient manpower: there are more than a million vacancies between transporters, butchers, grape pickers or waiters. Now Boris Johnson says the current Brexit is not worth him: He gives it up for dead after signing it only 10 months ago. Its popularity plummets.

You have to beStop eating or take off your respirator. Those are the two proposals of a palliative care doctor to Fernando, a patient with ALS who has requested euthanasia, so that she does not have to take charge of doing it according to the law, due to conscientious objection. Let him drown in his house, he will already die. You have to be…

In today’s podcastWe visited Fernando and he told us about the difficulties he encountered in making his decision effective.

Do not pass

  • October 12 °. The military celebrations of Columbus Day have brought a bit of the usual: to the patriots present they love to insult to the President of the Government if he is not from the PP and skeptics enjoy gaffes on the Internet. This year, a Republican purple twist to the flag drawn in the sky of Madrid.
  • Boys with girls. Catalonia will stop financing as concerted schools to centers that segregate by sex, that is, those that have different classes or subjects for boys and girls. Not everything is independence in a government with the president of a party called Esquerra.
  • That I don’t say. They have awarded the Nobel Prize to the economist who has shown that neither immigration nor raising the minimum wage destroys jobs. What a pleasure: we already have a lifetime authority argument every time we cross paths with a liberal. “That I am not saying, that a Nobel Prize in Economics has said it,” we will say. Here the story and thought of David Card.
  • Water suicide. Even if it rains, as it has rained this year, it is not enough. Massive water consumption in Spain condemns us to permanent scarcity. We use more water than France, Portugal, Germany or Greece. The main culprit is not domestic consumption but agriculture and reservoirs, where much of the rainwater ends up evaporating without any natural or human use.
  • Bias in Justice? Noooo … Only that 47% of Spanish magistrates have joined judicial associations of the center-right or of the right, while only 8% belong to the progressive association. 44% do not participate.
  • Zebra crossings in 3D. In Denmark they are testing with zebra crossings designed in such a way as to create an optical effect for drivers: they look like studs rising above the ground and they attract so much attention that they slow down, without the inconvenience of the speed bumps that populate Spain and are so annoying.

Everything is politics

  • Vampires. The most famous vampire of all vampires, Count Dracula as seen by Bram Stoker, was a sexual predator. However, today most vampires are vampires fighting evil and violent men. There are conservative exceptions, and they are influential, like the Twilight saga, full of teenage clichés. What does the historical evolution of vampires tell us about the society in which we live? An interesting read.
  • The perreo. Interesting things are happening on the RTVE platform for young audiences called Playz and it treats the girl for what they are: normal people who, in fact, have enormous concerns. From Gen Playz you can watch any program, for example this on the ‘fragility’ of today’s youth. They have released another, about sex, and have chosen this topic to start: the perreo, empowers? Eternal debate on the machismo of letters, reification and free bodies.
  • Ibai saying sensible things. Again. Against the speech of the American dream version Twitch, the idol of digital masses Ibai Llanos he warned the chick again: finish your studies, that this thing about being a millionaire making videos on the Internet is a big lie and we are an exception. Everything comes after they have transcended the supposed income of the main streamers of the social network. Ibai would earn about 100,000 euros a month. A month.

Well, tomorrow is already Thursday, so come on, your week is going to be short.

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