Friday, December 3

Paperwork processes are reduced and digitization increases at the Miviot Single Window

The reduction of the processing times for approval of blueprints and construction plans, and the use of digital media for the process of the same, are two procedures that have taken off in recent days in the Single Window Directorate of the Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning (Miviot).

This was announced by the director of this Miviot unit, Mary Carmen Rodriguez, who stated that the approval processes for blueprint plans that previously took a month, a month and a half, now only take 13 days, if they have the requirements for this purpose.

Regarding the procedures for construction plans, Rodríguez stressed that it has dropped from seven months to only 22 days to be approved, as long as they have all the documents required, by the different entities in charge of their review in the Single Window.

Regarding the procedures carried out digitally, the director said that in recent days, most have been sent through emails, thus avoiding crowds and possible contagion of the virus of the Covid-19.

For this, he referred to the 33 procedures for preliminary projects (24) and construction (9) carried out from November 1 to 12, of which 26 were digitally and seven in person, which in addition to avoiding contagions, saves time and paper.

Likewise, it revealed that of these 33, nine are projects under the RBS standard, which governs the Housing Solidarity Fund program that grants the 10,000 balboas bonus for the first home.

With these nine approved blueprints and construction plans, a total of 439 housing solutions will be developed in the provinces of Panama, Coclé and Panama Oeste, for those families who choose to acquire a house with the benefit of 10,000 balboas.

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