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Paramount Plus Premieres Parot, the Controversial Spanish Series Awarded in Berlin | Digital Trends Spanish

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Paramount Plus (or Paramount +, if you prefer), the premium streaming service of ViacomCBS, today premieres a Spanish series Parot, a political-social thriller that focuses on the nullification of the judicial doctrine “Parot” in Spain in 2013, releasing hundreds of prisoners who had not yet served their sentences.

This 10-part police drama narrates how Spanish society cries out in outrage against this decision and how, amid this discontent, a “vigilante” appears who, one by one, assassinates those released in the same way as his victims, leaving a note on the corpses that reads: “Sentence carried out.”

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The investigation to find this “vigilante” will be directed by two policemen with opposite profiles. On the one hand, Isabel Mora (Adriana Ugarte, known for the acclaimed Spanish series The Time Between Seams), an idealistic, professional and rigorous inspector, although marked by fire by a traumatic event from her past in which the released Haro (Iván Massagué, known for The hole and the Spanish series Boat) has a lot to do with it. And on the other, his partner Jorge Nieto (Javier Albalá), a drunken and disillusioned policeman who continually rants against the guarantee of the system and the intolerable sentence that overturns years and years of police work.

The agents focus their investigations on a dozen suspects with a similar profile: relatives of victims who have made threats and extremist groups who launch slogans on the Internet. But the murders continue to happen, and soon a television program begins to praise this anonymous vigilante, leaking information that jeopardizes the investigation.

In addition to the aforementioned actors, Parot It also stars Blanca Portillo, Patricia Vico, and Nicole Wallace. It is directed by Rafael Montesinos and Gustavo Ron and created by Pilar Nadal, Alonso Laporta, Luis Murillo A. and Luis Murillo M., scriptwriters of the series with Olga Salvador and Mauricio Romero.

The series took home top honors in the Best Screenplay category last September at the Berlin TV Series Festival.

Created by: Pilar Nadal, Alonso Laporta, Luis Murillo A. and Luis Murillo M.
Gender: Drama, Suspense
Distribution: Adriana Ugarte, Iván Massagué, Michel Brown, Javier Albalá, Blanca Portillo, Patricia Vico, Nicole Wallace
Director: Rafael Montesinos and Gustavo Ron
Rating: TV-MA
Seasons: 1 with 10 episodes

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