Thursday, September 21

Paramount Plus reached 43 million subscribers | Digital Trends Spanish

The streaming war does not let up and Paramount Plus delivered the figures for its second quarter of 2022, with very encouraging and positive numbers for the company belonging to ViacomCBS.

Since the company has revealed that Paramount + added 3.7 million subscribers in the second quarter, with more than 43 million total users. And that’s after pulling out of Russia: were it not for that, the service would have added 4.9 million viewers.

ViacomCBS partly attributed the increase to expansions into more countries, including the UK, Ireland and South Korea. However, he also noted success with content that included his Halo series, Star Trek: Strange New Worldsfilms like Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and live Champions League matches.

But in addition, Paramount Plus has gained ground with original series that have been highly praised, such as yellowjackets Y The Offer which tells the story of the making of The Godfather.

To this must be added the deployment in Latin America by buying and associating with local television stations: in Chile, for example, ViacomCBS bought Chilevisión (CHV), the channel with the best results in the country, and bought the transmission rights of the Chilean soccer team for the qualifiers to United States-Mexico and Canada 2026.

Meanwhile, in Mexico and Central America they have begun to deliver the English Premier League on the service.

Paramount+’s total number of subscribers remains small compared to Netflix (220.7 million) and Amazon Prime Video (over 200 million), but it has added many new followers, in contrast to the losses of its rivals.

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