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Paramount works on a Beyblade movie | Digital Trends Spanish

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The universe of Beyblade toys will have a live action movie, points out a report from the Deadline mediumwhich points out that the adaptation will be in charge of Jerry Bruckheimer, famous for his work in the series Pirates of the Caribbean and NationalTreasure.

Beyblades are spinning toys, similar to Mexican tops, that are used by characters to duel. Broadly speaking, the mechanics is that the duelists face their bayblades in combat arenas in which the objective is to knock the rival top off the track.

Beyblades were notably popular during the first decade of the 21st century, when Hasbro marketed toys throughout America and even promoted them with a cartoon.

According to Deadline, the Beyblade movie is in the early stages of production. In addition to having Bruckheimer, Paramount would also have added screenwriters Neil Widener (San Andreas 2) and Gavin James.

This is the second time Deadline has reported that Paramount is working on a movie based on the Beyblade franchise. In 2015, the outlet said that said production company had acquired the rights to create an adaptation, which was then going to be produced by Mary Parent, who worked on films such as Pacific Rim, Detective Pikachu and dunes.

The Beyblade adaptation will add to Paramount’s long list of toy-based movies, most notably the Transformers series, which is estimated to have grossed just over $700 million. Other successful films that are also based on toys are Lego and My Little Pony.

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