Tuesday, July 5

Pardons as the beginning of a democratic regeneration

The pardons to the Catalan politicians condemned in the course of the procés arrive late and probably will not completely satisfy anyone, except perhaps relatives. More than three and a half years imprisoned for a dispute that was and will have to resolve the policy. They are partial, conditional and reversible pardons and even so it is a courageous measure to face them with the involutionary power installed in so many decision centers. Many interests converge and confront but, transcending the moment and from a broad perspective, the important thing is that this has to be the first step to face the democratic regeneration that Spain absolutely, desperately needs. Spain, its society.

What there is no doubt – democratic – is that it had to be done in justice, not gracefully, to alleviate the rarefied climate in which everything has developed. It would help not to forget that this last episode is part of the confrontational attitude that Mariano Rajoy displayed when he came to power. For political purposes that should have been so profitable if we stick to the shameful evidence of the activity of his PP in the kitchens and corruption boxes that are in the courts. From there, the dispute, already secular, overflowed. Undertakings on the pro-independence side. And the only thing missing was the stamp of the court that took over the process.

The Spanish right no longer hides its most ultra face when they come out shouting from Casado to Ayuso, Abascal or Arrimadas, and the media powers – not informative – in pure consanguinity. To speak of overwhelming excess would be an understatement, in reality they seem like a hungry pack that give the world the perfect portrait of that Spain whose right wing does not respect either ballot boxes, human rights, or the Constitution.

Because – except for the most cenutrios – they know the reality perfectly. We’ve been talking about it for months, years. The pardons are legal and a power of the Government that all the predecessors of Pedro Sánchez have used profusely. They have pardoned high-ranking corrupt people and real coup plotters, of those who enter Congress, gun in hand, firing shots and not putting ballot boxes in schools, as happened on October 1. There was no other violence than the police that Rajoy sent to repress the voters. The penalties applied do not exist in advanced legal systems, or – outside – they do not believe them applicable in this case. And this is essential. Hence, the German, Belgian and Scottish judiciary, the ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union, do not find the crimes that only the State Attorney General’s Office and the Spanish Supreme Court see, as the professor of Constitutional Law recalled, Javier Perez Royo. And it is serious. There is not a universal justice and a Spanish one.

We have a problem with the judiciary in Spain. This is often confirmed by the reports of the Council of Europe. They just did it this Monday. Despite the fact that, in an unusual action, the three conservative associations of the judiciary asked the Government of Spain to stop the criticism of the report, after having denounced the same government before Europe. Finally, the Assembly of the Council of Europe has called for the release of those convicted by 1-O, reform the sedition and withdraw the Euroorders that affect the politicians who left Spain. Of course, far from at least hearing these reflections, the extreme right has come to ask to leave the Council of Europe.

It would be the inescapable next step to tackle. The General Council of the Judiciary must be renewed at once, which has expired for more than a thousand days. And change the way of choosing positions in the field of justice. The own judgment of the procés suffered from that conservative and ideological spirit. And above all: it is absolutely intolerable that the PP refuses to renew and achieve its goals for almost three years. And knowing why he does it and what it entails.

The right wing has created an unbreathable climate in Spain, it is its usual modus operandi. There are no coups d’état or regime changes in Spain, as Casado tells his faithful. Ultra verbiage speaks of a government kneeling before the coup –And that’s where Vox and Arrimadas join in pure embarrassment-. Ayuso, from embarrassment, run over Y… humiliation How authoritarian sadism likes that idea. Because the difference with other stages is that Madrid has become the ultra heart of Spain, the only region that has managed to consolidate itself as the capital of neo-fascism in Europe. By just two million votes and unprecedented media support. And they go for the assault on more, confronting the legitimate government of Spain as if it were between equals.

And then there is the attic of the PSOE vases with Felipe González without a mask or columns like those of the director who created and sank El País, speaking of “Filthy show of businessmen and bishops cheering on the boss“From El País. Or that” the PSOE’s only intention is to occupy the institutions, “which is a paradox.

The Spanish right uses these ways because it can and is allowed to. From the ABC, José Manuel de Prada is also out of control, with gross insults to Vice President Yolanda Díaz towards whom the industry of destroying people seems to be the new target. This individual, in 2007, when Zapatero and Rubalcaba were trying to put an end to ETA’s armed struggle, wrote: “One might wonder if a government that humiliates the honor of a State does not deserve some kind of punishment. In less confused times this question would have obtained an immediate and severe answer. ” Longing for “less confusing times,” figure out what the answer was then, why, and which ones you are thinking about now.

It’s always the same. It even goes to more as it happens with the evils when they are not stopped. For this reason, after the release of Catalan politicians, it is time to ask the Government to do everything possible and impossible to pardon society from the penalty of this endemic corruption and anti-democratic authoritarianism that pervades this country. Justice, journalist manipulation that steals citizens’ right to information, undemocratic parties and the corrupt who need a manager to regenerate.

Because the European funds do come, those that make the anger burn in the stomach of the right that would like its management. And if Pedro Sánchez complies, feminist laws will also be approved, that of Democratic Memory that would entail the outlawing of fascist foundations that have remained since the dictatorship, raise the minimum wage, lower the VAT on electricity or reform at least the gag law, etc … It is time to get going after the raw months of the pandemic. They have a majority in Parliament, and there is no reason to accept the strange idea that government support has less quality than those that the right adds.

On their knees, humiliated, that is how they love their servants, and black Spain is well. The frenzied attacks will continue in any case, so pardons should be the starting point to democratically shut up the persistent involution. That Franco drought in values ​​so alive in this right.