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Parent of Snapchat buys a neurotechnology company | Digital Trends Spanish

With the goal of “promoting long-term augmented reality research efforts,” Snap acquired neurotech company NextMind. With the deal, Snapchat’s parent company wants the French company to back its subsidiary Snap Lab.

“We look forward to working with NextMind to bring computing to the world and improve how technology can serve humanity,” they counted since the first one, based in Los Angeles, United States.

NextMind has been developing non-invasive brain-computer interface (BCI) technology to facilitate hands-free interaction through electronic devices, such as computers, wearables and virtual and augmented reality glasses (viewers).

Photo credit: Starkvisuals/Pixabay

“This technology monitors neural activity to understand the user’s intent when interacting with a computing interface, allowing the user to press a virtual button just by focusing on it,” Snap reported on its blog. Next line, he clarified, that said technology “does not ‘read’ thoughts or send signals to the brain.”

For its part, Snap Lab acts as the Venice-based firm’s cutting-edge hardware team and focuses on “building devices that advance the augmented reality platform.” Its programs, the firm said, “explore the possibilities for the future of Snap Camera.”

He also mentioned the evolutionary and iterative research and development project Spectacles, whose latest generation was intended to “help developers explore the technical limits of augmented reality.”

Press versions such as Xataka they already theorize about the products that could be born from this alliance. “Imagine a future where you wear mind-controlled augmented reality glasses. You don’t need a smartphone or peripherals to interact with them or choose the information you want to see, just your thoughts”, projected the Spanish media.

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