Saturday, July 31

Paris Hilton comes to Netflix with her own cooking show | Digital Trends Spanish

“Paris Hilton is cooking up a new project.” So jokes a Variety article about the show with which the celebrity will arrive on Netflix.

Is about Cooking With Paris, an amateur cooking show that will show Hilton “learning her way around the kitchen with the help of her famous friends,” according to the press release.

This bet represents a radical departure from traditional cooking shows, starring expert chefs and with a respected career in this field, since the celebrity is not a chef in training, in fact he does not really know how to cook.

For her, everything is new in this world, and that may be the attraction. In the series, the young woman invites her friends into her kitchen, while immersing herself in new ingredients, recipes and her exotic kitchen gadgets.

Getty Images.

According to Netflix, Hilton will embrace her “new domestic side as she learns to sauté, brown and grate.” She will also show her “culinary expertise (or lack thereof), her glamorous kitchen wardrobe, and her skills in throwing parties with some of her fabulous celebrity friends.”

Cooking With Paris is inspired by her YouTube video that went viral in January 2020, showing the celebrity cooking lasagna at her home. So far, the video has accumulated more than 5 million views.

The series will hit the streaming platform on August 4 worldwide with six half-hour episodes and in it, Paris Hilton also participates as an executive producer.

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