Friday, February 23

Paritarias: several unions will have salary improvements in February

Resolution 11/2021, signed by the Minister of Labor, Claudio Moroni, established that As of September 1, the minimum wage will be $31,104 for all monthly workers who work full legal hours, in accordance with article 116 of the Labor Contract Regime approved by Law No. 20,744 (to 1976) and its amendments, and $155.52 per hour for daily workers.

As of October 1, 2021, that amount increased to $32,000 and $160 per hour for day laborers; as of February 1, 2022, $33,000 monthly minimum wage will be paid and $165 per hour for daily workers.

As a result of the fact that the Government could not tame inflation until now, several unions demanded corrections in the parity.

This is how the Argentine Federation of Commerce and Services Employees (FAECYS) led by Armando Cavalieri, confirmed an additional request of 16% to update the categories “in tune with the increase in the cost of living.”

For its part, Bankers under the command of Sergio Palazzo requested a fixed sum until March while the new parities are discussed. The Workers’ Union of the Construction of the Argentine Republic (UOCRA) closed in a first negotiation the increase of 35.8% in 4 remunerative installments from April, July, October and February 2022. However, in the middle of last year, it added another 12%, which resulted in an annual increase of 47.8%.

The Federation of Viticultural and Related Workers and Employees (FOEVA) will have an extra 10% in non-remunerated concepts in February, to be paid in installments.

The metallurgical union of the UOM, which sealed a joint agreement of 50.2% last year, will apply three new adjustments of 5% in January, February and March. For its part, the Single Union of Argentine Tire Workers (SUTNA) agreed to an additional 17% in February 2022.

Pablo Moyano’s truckers agreed to 45% in 2021 and a review clause in February. But in the meantime, four installments of $12,000 will be charged until May as an end-of-year bonus.

The Health Union also signed a review clause in February, but their salaries will also be adjusted by 5% as part of last year’s parity.

Finally, the Federation of Workers and Employees of Service Stations and Garages of the Argentine Republic (FOESGRA) agreed to a 50% salary increase for joint 2021. And in February it will advance with the 8% rise, based on the amounts from last October, and that it will be of a “non-remunerative” nature.