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Passion of hawks 2: where to watch in streaming | Digital Trends Spanish

Many did not imagine it, but, today, Passion of hawks 2 It is one of the great events of Latin television in 2022. Didn’t you know? The famous Reyes brothers and the Elizondo sisters are back almost 20 years after having put an end to the original plot, and in Digital Trends in Spanish we tell you Where to see Passion of hawks 2 streaming.

Where to watch Passion of hawks 2 online

Although the easiest option to see Passion of hawks 2 is on television on Telemundo (there are new episodes from Monday to Friday at 10:00 pm), we’ll tell you where to watch it online and thus take advantage of streaming TV to binge watch the episodes on weekends, or simply return them to see after its broadcast on TV.

To see Passion of hawks 2 online your best option is the Telemundo appavailable in Google Play Store Y AppleStoreor in The new episodes will also be available the following day on the streaming service. peacock.

Where to watch Passion of Gavilanes 2 online.

if you choose to view Passion of hawks 2 online on the Telemundo page or apps, you will require an NBC account, or, link to a cable TV service like Dish, DirecTV, or Verizon.

you can also see Passion of hawks 2 in peacock; the new episodes will be available the day after their premiere on Telemundo.

Passion of hawks 2 on Netflix

Although there is no official announcement, according to People en Español there is a possibility that Passion of hawks 2 hit Netflix.

“Will it be seen on Netflix?” People en Español asked. “I suppose so, for now I only know that we are going to appear on Telemundo,” answered actress Natasha Klauss, who plays Sarita Elizondo.

The easiest way to watch all 188 episodes of Passion of Hawks is Netflix, where it is part of the group of the best telenovelas available on the platform.

An image from the telenovela Pasión de Gavilanes

The streaming service has all the episodes of the soap opera and is available with English subtitles in case you want to share this iconic Latino story with American friends or family.

Passion of Gavilanes on Netflix

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