Wednesday, November 29

Passive management in crypto assets is the best option for a profile that cannot be dealing with the market all day

He has extensive experience in IT Services, Cloud Computing, Networks, etc. Why have you now chosen to be part of a project as different as Pecunia256?

I have extensive experience in the different markets, managers and securities companies. I’ve been working as an IT director for 12 years in that sector, so I don’t see it as that different from the project I’m starting now. I have sympathy and familiarity with this type of products, systems and requirements of a business as demanding as this. The cryptoactive part seems to me to be a totally disruptive technology and as important as the invention of the Internet, so I am excited and motivated to start this project.

What technical priorities does this type of business have with crypto assets?

In all the businesses in which the patrimony of the users moves, I believe that the most important thing for them is security. We invest a lot of knowledge and a lot of interest in security, we pass various audits by specialized companies and we dedicate a large part of the system resources, above all, to trying to minimize the risks for users. In addition, we work with Binance, which is number 1 in the world and they also care a lot about this aspect of security.

What does your profile bring to the end user of Pecunia 256?

Normally my profile at Pecunia 256 is the work of the systems team, and we take care of all the network infrastructure work, security, the IT environment… what is really important for the end user is that they do not find out that we are behind and of our work. That is the challenge.

Are you an investor in passive management robots? What do you expect as an investor in this 2022?

I am an investor of course, logically I ultimately believe in this type of investment. I think that passive management is the best option for a profile like mine, that is, not dealing with the market all day, and for that Pecunia256 robots can do it for you and I think it is a comfortable way to invest in this market. By 2022 I want the acceptance news to be daily in this type of services and investments. I believe that it is a technology that is here to stay and is going to change our lives in many aspects, just as the adoption of the Internet did in its life.