Tuesday, March 28

Patreon suspends the campaign that financed the Ukrainian army | Digital Trends Spanish

The official website of the Ukrainian government offers several options for those who want to make financial contributions in the context of the Russian intervention in its territory. One of the channels that attracted the most attention was a link that directed to the Patreon platform where a campaign that sought to raise funds for the Ukrainian army appeared.

This initiative reached more than 14 thousand people involved who contributed a total of $436,966 dollars per month. However, Patreon suspended this campaign as it violated their policies on funding military activities.

In a statement sent to CNBCthe platform noted that it “does not allow any campaign involved in violence or the purchase of military equipment, regardless of its cause.”

This fundraiser was led by the Come Back Alive organization, which explained that the money would be used to train soldiers, in addition to providing technical equipment, according to their account.

According to CNBC, this NGO also provided bulletproof vests, medical kits and helmets to Ukrainian soldiers. The problem was that, on the Patreon site, the organization offered various levels of support, which were represented by a bullet, a missile, a tank and a plane, which could have been interpreted as if, indeed, the platform was looking to arm to members of the army.

For now it is unknown what will happen with the money that was raised in the campaign. The director of the organization, Taras Chmut, assured that the page has already been eliminated. For its part, Patreon explains that its policy is to send the remaining funds to the creator of the initiative or “refund all pledges” if a page is removed from its platform.

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