Wednesday, March 22

Pattinson confesses that he interacts online with Batman trolls | Digital Trends Spanish

Robert Pattinson revealed that he wandered through internet forums before and after embodying Batman on the big screen. The most surprising thing is that the British actor has interacted with his detractors as anonymously as the hero of Gotham City.

Before putting on the dark suit of the batman, the star of Twilight He observed the opinions of the followers of the hooded man. “I used to look at a lot of the stuff on the forums and it really informed me a lot about my character,” he revealed to Vanity Fair.

“I still watch them… I’m usually on the lookout […] It was extremely useful to know the theories of the fans”, added who also personified Cedric Diggory in the film saga. Harry Potter.

already premiered batman, Pattinson confessed that he also argued with critics of his performance before the cameras. “Sometimes they put some pressure on me and I have to answer something,” she said. “If you ever read a somewhat abstract message that says, ‘Please leave me alone,’ that’s me,” she added with a laugh.

the actor of good time, high-life, The Lighthouse and Tenet (2020) also reported the tone of their online interventions. “Stop looking for mistakes, [que] I am doing the best possible”, he argued in the same interview.

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