Saturday, March 2

Patxi López appeals to Podemos to keep the “noise” away and defend what the Government is doing

The spokesman for the PSOE in the Congress of Deputies (PSOE), Patxi López, appealed this Monday to the coalition partners of United We Can by putting aside the “noise” around the government’s management and defending the measures that are have been adopting and that benefit the majority of citizens.

In an interview on RNE, López stressed that “noise is never good” and neither are the “frictions” between the formations that make up the Government. For this reason, he has stressed that if, despite having different positions, in the end an agreement is reached, “let’s not move the noise, let’s move the agreements”.

“Let’s keep the noise away and dedicate ourselves to defending from the political formations what this Government is doing, because we are very proud of it”, claimed the socialist spokesman.

That is precisely what the PSOE is preparing to do with the campaign ‘The People’s Government’, in which around thirty acts are planned by the President of the Government and Socialist General Secretary, Pedro Sánchez, with the citizens from now to the end of year.

López has framed this campaign in transferring to citizens the measures that have been adopted to help the middle class since, he has denounced, “there are many media interested in transferring the opposite”. For this reason, the PSOE has opted for a direct “conversation” with the Spanish, reaching all the towns, “to contrast reality with false news.”

The Government supports the rise of the SMI

On the other hand, regarding the increase in the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI) proposed by the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, she has assured that the PSOE is in favor but wants it to “be born from social dialogue”, as has happened so far.

The rise of the SMI “what it does is dignify work”, just like the labor reform, and improve the purchasing power of workers, which in turn will benefit productive companies, generating a “virtuous circle for our economy”, has underlined.

Regarding the words of Díaz supporting the union mobilizations to achieve said rise, López has considered that they are not against the Government, although he has been in favor of continuing to be “exquisite” as before and respecting social dialogue. In this sense, he has defended that it is better not to tighten the positions before sitting down at the table because otherwise the start could be harmed.

Lack of PP proposals

The socialist leader has once again reproached the PP for its lack of concrete proposals, especially in the energy field, while maintaining that there is a “permanent debate” with the main opposition formation between “a model to get out of the energy crisis a fair and equitable manner” advocated by the PSOE and the “denying this way out” advocated by the ‘popular’.

However, it has left the door open for the PP to make proposals, if it has them beyond the extension of the life of nuclear power plants, in the processing of the energy saving decree law as a bill.

The Government, he assured, wants to speak with the rest of the formations “to see how we can improve and move forward”. But, he has warned the PP, “we must put proposals on the table so that the conversation makes some sense, not just no for no’s sake”.

Thus, he has trusted that the PP agrees to negotiate the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) since “it is nothing more than complying with the Constitution.” What it is about, López has said, is knowing if “you want to sit down to renew or not”: “Enough of excuses.”