Sunday, December 10

Patxi López starts the campaign from Bilbao: “With this government, a fairer way of getting out of the crisis is possible”

“There is a very different way out than the neoliberal recipes that the conservative governments applied to us in the last crisis that were only based on cuts and the drowning of the middle and working classes. Today, fortunately, there is a social democratic project that supposes just the opposite. This is possible because the Socialists are governing, because what would have happened to this country if the Popular Party had governed?” Government spokesman Patxi López asked himself this Sunday at a press conference with which the campaign for the next elections.

In his speech, he stressed that there is not a person in the country who has not benefited from the measures implemented by the Government. “If you are a worker, when there were difficulties, ERTEs, which meant sustaining more than 3 and a half million jobs, permanent contracts with the labor reform, raising the Minimum Wage to 1,000 euros. If you are a pensioner, withdrawal of the pharmaceutical copay and increase in pensions with the CPI. If you are from a family without resources, the Minimum Vital Income that is helping more than 1 million families or the electricity bonus so that the electricity is not cut off. If you are a user of public transport, the discount or free of charge. If you use the car, the discount of 0.20 euros on fuel. The reduction of VAT on electricity and gas. If you are a woman, finally, a law of only yes is yes. If you are young, more scholarships and higher scholarships, rental aid and the cultural bonus. If it is autonomous, a law that for the first time begins to impose parameters of greater justice in contributions and benefits. There is not a single person who has not had a measure from this government that has benefited him and that is how it will continue”, López detailed.

The spokesman has confessed to feeling “proud” of the Government’s action in the face of the COVID-19 crisis and that generated by the war between Russia and Ukraine. “Since the beginning of both crises, the Government is clearly demonstrating that there is a much fairer, more equitable and more effective way to get out of these crises than the one promoted by the Popular Party 10 years ago. Then the PP used public money, even borrowing 200.5 billion euros, to help financial institutions while it cut public services, raised taxes, launched a labor reform that made layoffs cheaper and got Spain to have 7 million poor workers and abandoned millions of citizens and citizens to their fate. This government is doing just the opposite”, he stressed.

Asked about the criticism of the PP leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, towards taxes on energy companies and banks, López replied that it is “common sense” that companies that are achieving “extraordinary profits in a crisis situation” contribute part of those Benefits. “For the Popular Party, the sacrifices always have to be made by the same, but see if it is common sense, we are talking about financial and energy companies that are obtaining extraordinary benefits in a crisis situation. All citizens are obliged to make sacrifices. Can they not contribute part of these extraordinary benefits to the share of solidarity that corresponds to them as a country? Well, not for Mr. Feijóo. He prefers not to raise the minimum wage, not to raise pensions, but not to touch the extraordinary benefits for these gentlemen”, he criticized.

López has also been contrary to the words of the former minister, María Antonia Trujillo about Ceuta and Melilla, who has defended that they are a “territorial affront to the territorial integrity of Morocco” and are “vestiges of the past that interfere with economic independence and politics of this country and in the good relations” between Spain and Morocco. After knowing the statements, the spokesman has indicated that this will be “his particular opinion of him”, but “of course the Government does not in any way agree with these statements. “We do not doubt the Spanishness of Ceuta and Melilla”, he assured.

Finally, regarding the candidacy of Odon Elorza for Mayor of Donostia, López stressed that “it seems perfect” to him, since it demonstrates “the greatness of a Socialist Party that has absolutely democratic processes under way, such as the primaries so that anyone who has a vocation, will and desire to present himself to be our candidate and to end up being the mayor of the city of San Sebastián”, he concluded.