Tuesday, August 9

Patxi López will assume the spokesperson for the Congress group and Pilar Alegría, that of the PSOE

Patxi López returns to the front line. The President of the Government wants the exlehendakari to assume the position of spokesperson for Congress for the remainder of the legislature. A classic of socialism to replace the canary Héctor Gómez. Pilar Alegría, Minister of Education, will be the voice of the party, replacing Felipe Sicilia from Jaen, who was promoted with little success by the resigned Adriana Lastra. The President of the Government finalizes the restructuring of the governing bodies of the PSOE to face the remainder of the mandate and synchronize the teams of La Moncloa, the party and the Parliamentary Group.

So the rumors and interested leaks are over. Sánchez has already communicated the changes and confirmed those who continue to lead their positions, as is the case of Santos Cerdán, Secretary of Organization of the party, whom those close to the former Deputy Secretary General had interestedly placed in the pillory and speculated with that he would be relieved of duty.

The departure of Lastra, which occurred just at the moment when the president was planning to face important changes in the party so that the Moncloa-Ferraz-Congress machinery would work without dissonance or misgivings since September 1 and with an eye on the municipal elections of 2023, an appointment in which PSOE stakes its survival in Moncloa.

The difficult cohabitation between Lastra and the Secretary of Organization, Santos Cerdán, it was an open secret in Spanish socialism, which had become even more evident during the Andalusian election campaign. Sánchez himself had to call to order at the first meeting of the Federal Executive after 19J. After that conclave, he let several leaders know that he would take a few weeks to think not only about the political strategy to follow after that debacle, but also about the necessary adjustments in the party machinery.

The PSOE Federal Committee will ratify the changes next Saturday.


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