Monday, February 26

Paula Bonet’s stalker alleges that the threats were “sarcasm” and that he was upset

The trial has been held behind closed doors to protect the victim, but the defendant has had no problem giving explanations to the press after the hearing. Víctor GT, who this Friday has sat on the bench for allegedly harassing the illustrator and writer Paula Bonet for three years, has calmly presented his arguments to request acquittal. Among others, he has called “sarcasm” the threat he made against the artist through Twitter, in which he said that he was going to strangle her, dismember her and “keep her nipples.”

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Although Bonet is an internationally recognized artist, Víctor GT, a philosophy student at the time and who is now dedicated to, in his own words, “other things”, has put himself on the same level as the illustrator: he has said that the letters and emails that he sent to the writer were a “literary duel”. There is no evidence that Víctor GT has published any work or received an award. Nor did Bonet answer her letters and e-mails beyond asking her to stop sending him emails.

Moreover, according to the defense, some of the messages that Víctor GT sent to the artist were “to defend himself” from alleged “attacks” (which he has not specified) by Bonet that caused the man to be threatened. The defense has not provided any complaint to the police about these events. Bonet’s lawyer, Carla Vall, has branded the defendant’s defense strategy as “one more act of aggression” against the artist.

Despite repeatedly reaffirming his client’s innocence, at the last minute Víctor GT’s defense team has provided the court with a forensic report that has enabled him to ask the judge that even if he considers that the man did make the threats, he will not impose any penalty because he acted while disturbed.

Víctor GT, suffered, according to the defense version, an “erotomanic delusional disorder” that made him imagine that Bonet was interested in him. The coroners of the court have denied the hypothesis of the disorder during the hearing. It should be noted that the defense report entered the court only a month ago and that it has not been provided during the previous three years in which the case has been open.

The only thing that the defense has admitted is that Víctor GT is that he was “interested” in meeting Bonet. The version of the Prosecutor’s Office and the artist, who ask for three and four years in prison respectively, is very different. Both accusations recount a spiral of harassment, which at first Víctor GT deployed by attending talks in which Bonet participated, to later intensify by stalking the artist’s studio and that during confinement culminated with threats through the networks.

In a thread of messages on Twitter addressed to Bonet, which earned him his first restraining order, he wrote: “You better not set foot in my city again because if I come across you I am going to strangle and dismember you to please all the miserable bums who inhabit the streets of Barcelona. You’ll see what a feast, I’ll save the eyes for last and keep the nipples in a lunch box for my own enjoyment […] If you prefer, you can beg for mercy from this rapist, torturer and psychopath; You will only be raped until you have your third and last abortion after suffering an eternal beating.”

Víctor GT also left several objects in the artist’s workshop, including a notepad with poems, a photo of the accused himself and an envelope with his name and the expression “the rapist” written on it, which contained a plastic doll in the shape of an eel cut into pieces, alluding to one of Bonet’s artistic projects. According to the defendant, he deposited this envelope with the cut eel because he had previously received the entire doll at his house, which made him think that the artist was looking for “an approach”.

For each of the acts of harassment described by the accusations, Víctor GT had an answer. In addition to sarcasm, literary mourning or Bonet’s supposed interest (which never really existed, as shown by the dozens of calls the artist had to make to the Mossos d’Esquadra, which eventually had to change studios and cancel her public agenda), the defense has alleged an alleged threat against Víctor GT at his home and his college, which he did not report to the Mossos d’Esquadra.

“As a lawyer I defend the right of defence, but what happened today was another act of aggression against Paula Bonet”, Bonet’s lawyer, Carla Vall, assessed at the end of the trial. “Accusing women who suffer violence of denouncing the facts to become famous is one more act of machismo. It seems that they do not realize that we live in 2022 ”, the lawyer has interjected.

Bonet, who has declared protected by a partition (despite the opposition of the defense of Víctor GT), has had to withdraw from public life again due to the fact that the Barcelona Court released provisionally on June 15 his stalker, who had broken restraining orders on two occasions. Now the artist is only waiting for a sentence that will put an end to the nightmare.