Saturday, September 25

PCR travel test providers given official warning amid concerns over misleading prices and unfair practices

The CMA says it has identified a number of areas of concern, including companies advertising up-front prices for PCR tests which don’t include additional charges that must be paid, businesses failing to deliver PCR tests and results within the stated timescales, or not at all, and firms refusing to provide consumers with refunds.

Earlier this week, the Government announced that it had warned 82 PCR test providers that they face being removed from the recommended list of firms for holidaymakers to use if they continue to advertise misleading test prices.

The secretary of state for health and social care, Sajid Javid, also wrote to the CMA earlier this month calling for advice on what the government could do to “stamp out” exploitation and to prevent any unnecessary costs for consumers. The CMA agreed to conduct a rapid review of the sector and has today published an open letter to all PCR providers. It adds that it’s still working on a further response to provide the government.

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