Tuesday, July 5

Pedro at the red wedding

Pedro Sánchez lied to us. Doesn’t like ribeye to the point. He loves little done, almost raw, that the blood floods the plate when it is broken and that the ocher taste is noticeable between the teeth. Staining the corner and feeling the power of the carnivore that subdues the weakest creature. Like a primitive, paleolithic alpha male, a predator who feels testosterone flooding his gonads, slicing through flesh with perfect teeth, a sharp jaw, and a manly grin. It cannot be understood in any other way than by appealing to his taste for the spilled blood of the crisis of Government that has carried forward even those most loyal to his figure and mission. Pedro has enjoyed his slaughter at the red wedding, mercilessly, and now a new term begins.

There has been no compassion. Neither close collaborators, nor loyal ministers nor historical PSOE have endured the voracity of the Prime Minister. A political massacre that has ended with one legislature to start another. More feminine, more socialist and with fewer figures outside the party and blows of effect. A political executive of second-rate names, much more rejuvenated and with an unwavering adherence to the forms and actions of the party leader. But that does not give certainty, if something has made Pedro Sánchez clear, it is that this does not serve to last. They only serve if they serve them, in the most genuflected sense of the dictionary.

Pedro Sánchez begins an even more cesarean stage, if that was possible, more similar to the one that José María Aznar undertook in his second term than to the one that would correspond to a president who has not yet been in Moncloa as long as one. The President of the Government sends a clear and diaphanous message that paradoxically leaves a feeling of continuous uncertainty to all those around him. There is nothing they can do to stay in their responsibilities, there are no rules of loyalty, commitment and good work to keep the position. Everything depends solely and exclusively on the whim and opportunity of a president who will act with an iron fist when he thinks it suits him, even if for this he has to go over his closest collaborators and who have never failed him.

The message launched by Sánchez is two-way, one individual and the other collective. They will not hurt clothes when cutting off any head, but send a wink to the party. To the mother house. The weighting of the new Executive and the appointment of Óscar López as chief of staff conveys to Ferraz’s active membership the message that the party has it again and will no longer be at the expense of the megalomaniacal occurrences of Chancellor Iván Redondo. Cargárselo has been the most conciliatory message that could send to the baronies and intermediate, provincial, regional and local positions. Ferraz imports again. The economic recovery begins, there are two years left in the legislature and it is necessary to close ranks with their own to ensure power, because without it there are no positions.

The government is better without Iván Redondo. He had an undeserved good reputation that corresponded to us with the facts. The biggest failures of this government are “master moves” of the guru. He is the creator of Isabel Díaz Ayuso as an antagonist of the Government to wear down Pablo Casado and what he achieved is to deliver the coup de grace to the PSOE of Madrid to create a dangerous leader for Moncloa. But also one of the makers of the botched Murcian garden that ended the ridiculous Monclovita and the disappearance of Ciudadanos as a longed-for alternative to Pedro Sánchez’s government partner. The last operetta from the Redondo factory was the 20-second international summit stalking Joe Biden down a corridor. Nobody supported him in Ferraz, for most he was a fifth columnist of the PP, for the least just a profiteer without talent but with good press. The mistakes made have served as an excuse for the Prime Minister to reconcile with the house of the people by cutting off the most precious head. Everything changes, only Pedro Sánchez remains.