Monday, August 8

Pedro Castillo appoints the moderate Maurtua as new Chancellor of Peru

Correspondent in Lima



The stumbling resignation of the former guerrilla and professor, Hector Bejar, and the appointment of the career diplomat and former chancellor, Oscar Maurtua of Romagna It is the reflection of the internal struggles of the government between moderates and radicals that it faces Pedro Castillo since he assumed power in Peru.

President Pedro Castillo swore in the former chancellor and career diplomat between roosters and midnight, Oscar Maurtua after the crashed exit of Hector Bejar, who was recommended by radical sectors of the government, and who left the government after making false statements about the Navy and the Maoist terrorist gang, Shining Path.

“What I can tell you is that I have a track record that supports me”

“I am aware that vaccines are the main concern for the country … I know that the pandemic, specifically the whole issue of vaccination, has us concerned. The Foreign Ministry is playing its role, we will seek to reactivate and streamline operational aspects, “said Maurtua after assuming the position of chancellor. “What I can tell you is that I have a track record that supports me and what I try to do is generate trust and efficiency,” he concluded.

The diplomat returns as minister to Torre Tagle Palace (Headquarters of the Chancellery in Lima) after 15 years during the government Alexander toledo (2001-06). In 2006, Maurtua ordered as a protest to the government of Hugo Chavez the withdrawal of the Peruvian ambassador in Venezuela for the “persistent and flagrant interference in the internal affairs of Peru, in clear violation of the norms of international law.” At that time, Chávez had shown his support for the candidacy of Ollanta Humala and, in turn, was critical of the candidacy of Alan Garcia.

Meanwhile, through his twitter account, the leader of the ruling party, ‘Peru Libre’, Vladimir CerrónHe said that «the new chancellor, Óscar Maúrtua De Romaña, does not represent the sentiment of Peru Libre. Our Party is an integrating and sovereign entity, committed to an independent united Ibero-America, rejecting any interference or servile policy ».

“The right wants more, wants to win the government, despite losing the elections”

“The right wants more, wants to win the government, despite losing the elections. It is not enough for them to have removed Chancellor Béjar, they want to distort the government, making it renounce its original proposals for which it won the elections. It is a “covert coup in the open,” said Cerrón, leader of the party that brought the professor, too, to power. Pedro Castillo.

Cerrón, who defended the permanence of Hector Béjar until the end, said after the departure of the also academic that “a chancellor of the stature of #HectorBejar will be difficult to find for our country, we never had him, we will never have him.”

In an interview with ABC, the internationalist from the Pontificia Universidad Católica, Oscar VidarteHe indicated that “after the difficult weeks that the Foreign Ministry lived with Béjar at the helm, the arrival of a career diplomat was necessary to build bridges between the government and members of foreign relations.”

“The appointment of Maurtua shows that the government is being more cautious and that the internal struggles between radical and moderate sectors are not over yet. The radicals have lost after the departure of (Héctor) Béjar. We do not yet know how these struggles will end, “concluded Vidarte.

“I am free again!”

Among the next tasks of the new chancellor are to continue with the purchase of vaccines against Covid-19, sign the agreement of Escazú and confirm or not yes Peru is still part of the Lima group that was formed in order to help Venezuela to get out of the crisis in which it has been immersed since Chávez came to power and then Nicolás Maduro followed.

“I am free again!” Hector Béjar published on his Facebook account, after the Government Palace Press Secretariat confirmed the resignation of today’s former Foreign Minister. Hector Bejar, was part of the guerrillas at the end of the sixties in Peru that were inspired by the dictator’s seizure of power Fidel Castro in Cuba; was imprisoned for sedition, and was later pardoned by the military regime of Juan Velasco Alvarado (1968-1975), with whom he worked later and later devoted himself to the academy.

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