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Pedro Sánchez assures that the Government’s measures will bring the cost of electricity in 2021 to the level of 2018

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has promised that the average price of the electricity bill in 2021 is the same as that of 2018. In an interview in the newspaper El País, published this Sunday, the chief executive has defended that his cabinet has implemented structural reforms to reduce the electricity bill and has indicated that he is working on a project to create a “vital minimum consumption.” In addition, he has said that he does not feel “concerned” by the proposal to create a public energy company, as requested by United We Can, because it is not contemplated in the government agreement, although he has indicated that a parliamentary commission will be created “to see what proposals are made by political actors and groups “.

Returning to the levels of 2018 would mean a significant reduction in the bill with respect to the forecasts made public on Monday in Congress by the third vice president, Teresa Ribera, who estimated the bill of a domestic consumer at the regulated rate at 598 euros per year of the Voluntary Price to the Small Consumer (PVPC) in 2018, “a little less than 50 euros per month”, compared to the 644 euros that he calculated for 2021 “projecting the high prices that we are seeing”, which would mean, he said, “something less than 55 euros in monthly average “. That is, about five euros more than in 2018, which is the rise that the Executive hopes to neutralize.

“We are working with a plan to reach a concrete commitment, and that is that at the end of 2021 the Spaniards look back and see that they have paid a similar amount in the electricity bill and similar to the one they paid in 2018. That is It is the objective and the commitment: that all citizens with an average consumption at the end of 2021 pay a similar amount and similar to what they paid in 2018, logically with the discounted CPI, “said Sánchez.

The president has indicated, in relation to the electricity bill, that one thing is the evolution of the wholesale price, which has reached several historical highs in recent weeks, and another is what is paid on the bill: “We pay the bill monthly . What does not make sense is to raise the debate on a daily basis, because we do not pay the electricity daily “. In his opinion, what the Government can do is cushion the evolution of this wholesale price. “First, with structural reforms, with a firm commitment to renewable energy, not only because of climate change issues, but because it is cheaper.”

Sánchez affirms that “the electricity future markets are already saying that Spain, in 2022 and 2023, thanks to renewables, will have lower prices than France and Germany.” In addition, he recalled that the Government has lowered the VAT from 21% to 10%. “This is benefiting 28 million consumers, 2.8 million companies. It involves an effort to reduce revenue from the State of 1,400 million euros. That dampens the evolution of the electricity bill by 12%.”

In addition, Sánchez has listed protection measures for the most vulnerable consumers, such as the prohibition against cutting off the electricity to those who cannot pay or the energy bonus and has said that the Government is working on a “project to define a minimum vital consumption in the field of electricity and energy “. Regarding the creation of a public electricity company, as United Podemos requests, Sánchez has affirmed that “it is an old debate, but when we approached our coalition program we discussed it and it was left out. It is not part of the coalition agreement. Therefore, the Government does not feel concerned by that proposal. ”

Sánchez stressed that the Government has taken measures “to review the overprofits that electricity companies have.” “We have withdrawn 650 million euros that were going to go to the electricity bill to transfer them to consumers,” he said. He has also indicated that a sustainability fund for the electricity system has been approved, which is currently being processed in the Courts. “We are going to extract from the electricity bill” a series of costs that citizens are paying today and that tomorrow, once it is validated in Congress, will be paid by the companies that generate that energy, nuclear, gas . The Government has done and will continue to do everything possible. With the recovery plan we are going to allocate 1,200 million euros to self-consumption “.

What Sánchez has ruled out is that the different ways when dealing with the rise in the price of electricity within the Government could break the coalition. “My commitment is to continue with the coalition government until the last day,” said the chief executive, who places that last day in 2023, at the end of the legislature. “We have a shared objective, and that is for Spain, in 2023, to be a more advanced, more prosperous country and, ultimately, to emerge from the greatest calamity of the last 100 years,” he said, while boasting that he had already completed the 34% of the Executive’s commitments and that 38% will be reached this semester.

In his opinion, in Unidos Podemos “they are assimilating the transition between social activism and institutional politics. But from the point of view of loyalty, in important votes, he has always been on the side of the Government. That decibels could be a little lower? Of course. ”

On the other hand, the socialist leader has harshly criticized the PP for blocking the Judiciary. “The PP has been out of the Constitution for a thousand days. Why is it holding the government of the judges hostage? The PP has not accepted the electoral result of 2019. Not only its defeat, but the parliamentary composition of the Courts. To that behavior it must be called with all the letters: it is undemocratic, “he stressed. “The PP patrimonializes everything: Spain, the flag, the Constitution has to be read as I want … There is a clear hijacking of the Spanish Constitution. That Vox does it is worrying, but that the PP does it is alarming.”

Regarding the case of King Juan Carlos, designated as a presumed commission agent by the Prosecutor’s Office, he acknowledges that “it does not contribute to the good reputation” of Spain and underlines that “any investigation that is likely to be opened in this area will not have any restraint” .

In relation to Catalonia, Sánchez affirms that he needs a Government “that comes out of the self-absorption in which it has been in the last 15 years”. And on the return of minors from Ceuta to Morocco, he has defended that it must “be resolved with the maximum guarantees towards the minors who entered, but also being aware that we have a balance of coexistence in Ceuta that is always delicate.”

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