Wednesday, March 22

Pedro Sánchez considers “bad news for democracy and for the PP” the pact with Vox in Castilla y León

“I echo what the European People’s Party has already said,” said Pedro Sánchez upon arrival at the summit of European leaders in Versailles. Sánchez responded to the question of the government pact announced by the PP and Vox to divide up the Executive of Castilla y León: “It is terrible news for Spanish democracy and for the PP. They are going to pay dearly for this decision in political terms because many people are not going to understand that they open the door for the first time in our country to a government with the extreme right”.

The President of the Government was referring to the words of the President of the European PP, Donald Tusk, who after the meeting of the leaders of his in-laws expressed his condemnation of the agreement: “For me it has been a sad surprise. Casado, our colleague, has participated in the meeting, has resigned from his post”, said Tusk, “it was a personal guarantee of not reaching government pacts with the extreme right and preserving the Spanish PP in the center right, without flirting with the extreme right”.

“We hope that it is just an incident or an accident, not a trend”, said Tusk in relation to the agreement in Castilla y León: “We have to fight those desires, it supposes a capitulation”.

The leader of the European PP in the European Parliament, the German from the CSU Manfred Weber, explained at the end of the meeting that Casado’s intervention was a sort of farewell: “He spoke at the end, because the main issue was the Ukraine crisis. And in his speech he wanted to highlight what he has considered his two main axes at the head of the PP: not reaching government agreements with the extreme right of Vox and fighting corruption”.

Weber, for his part, has reacted to Sánchez’s words: “We don’t need lessons from a president who governs with the extreme left and the separatists. Feijóo has our full support.”