Sunday, May 22

Pedro Sánchez demands in Brussels an “answer” for “the energy island” of Spain and Portugal

Spain asks for a “response” for “the specific reality of the energy island” of the Iberian Peninsula. The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, stated upon his arrival at the European Council in Brussels, this Thursday, that “the Iberian Peninsula only has 2.8% interconnections with the European energy market, there are some specific characteristics that harm the rise of the price of gas. According to Sánchez, “it is undeniable that there is a very specific reality in a part of Europe, which is the Iberian Peninsula, an energy island with only 2.8% of interconnections with the European energy market. The Iberian Peninsula deserves specific consideration. Without violating the energy market or the common policy, a specific response must be given”.

Sánchez recalled, in any case, that on March 29 the government will present an action plan in the face of the consequences of the crisis due to the invasion of Ukraine: “We are going to give a concrete and global response to the energy problem in our country . But, obviously, we would do it much more effectively and much more forcefully if we gave a European response to this problem”.

“Many proposals are from Spain and assumed by the European Commission, but now it is important to find a formula that suits the reality of the energy island of the Iberian Peninsula. We are an energy island, but all the European rules apply to Spain, which harms us doubly”, said Sánchez: “Both Portugal and Spain have put forward a rigorous proposal that does not call into question the functioning of the European energy market and that it could give the capacity to respond in a much more forceful way to this price of gas and its transfer to the price of electricity”.

Sánchez acknowledges that “there are countries with doubts. The important thing is to square this sudoku. The relevant thing is that we have to act as with the pandemic, united. Energy is something that affects the day-to-day life of citizens, and we politicians have to offer tools to mitigate this reality”.

The President of the Government has insisted: “We want a solution for all of Europe and incorporate a cap on gas prices. This may take a few weeks, and for this reason we propose to respond to the particularity of the Iberian Peninsula. We speak of three steps: the first, are urgent measures more aligned with the geographical reality of the Iberian Peninsula and its energy connectivity; the second, what Spain has been proposing together with Italy, Greece, Belgium, Portugal and Romania, which is to see how we can jointly negotiate the purchase of gas and how we can affect and control the price of gas; and thirdly, go to a structural reform of the energy market”.