Thursday, December 2

Pedro Sánchez, on the reform of the law to renew the Judicial Power bypassing the blockade of the PP: “My intention is to provide a solution”

The Judiciary has been in office since December 2018. This week it has reappointed judges, the same day that a report from the European Commission on the rule of law urged Spain to renew the body of judges, a renewal blocked by the Popular Party.

“We cannot have such important institutions with a government in office for two years as is the case with the government of the judges,” said the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, in Brussels: “When you are in office you can do some things and others not , and the Judiciary, when in office, will be able to do some things and not others. ”

Sánchez explained, in relation to the possibility of reforming the law to be able to renew the CGPJ bypassing the blockade of the PP – blockade that occurs because now 3/5 of the Chamber is needed for renewal -: “If in the end the main party of the opposition, the conservative in this case, every time he loses the elections, he blocks until he wins the elections, it does not matter if it is in two or four years, the legislator will have to make a decision and the Executive too “.

And, for now, the legislator is already giving way. “The important thing is to make decisions,” Sánchez said: “After having heard 187 deputies say that the General Council of the Judiciary must be renewed; that the president of the CGPJ has asked the Chamber; and with the main party With the blockade, we have to find a solution and a way out. My intention is to do it. ”