Monday, September 20

Pedro Sánchez warns that the blockade of the Judicial Power “damages democracy”

Pedro Sánchez insists on the strategy of pressure to the PP so that it agrees to renew the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ) after more than a thousand days of blockade that has warned that “it damages democracy”. In an intervention before the socialist parliamentarians, the president has assured that the temporary situation of the governing body of the judges is not “sustainable” and has given as an example that this happened with the Executive considering that nobody would understand it.

Sánchez will preside this Friday a special commission on hate crimes after the latest homophobic attacks

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The president has insisted that Pablo Casado violates the Constitution by refusing to renew the Judicial Power and has made him ugly that he only wants others to comply with it except for the PP when he is in opposition. “I want to alert the full functioning of the constitutional institutions, with all their powers, it is essential for the proper development of our democracy. Even more so in the midst of a pandemic,” he said.

However, Sánchez has dedicated a good part of the beginning of his speech to the increase in hate crimes that are taking place in Spain and which has led him to preside this Friday a special commission on the strategy against this type of crime. The president has assured that the Government will activate “all means” to fight against this type of behavior after the brutal homophobic aggression that took place a few days ago in the center of the capital. “There will be no cabinets again,” he said before his own.

Flanked by the Deputy Secretary General, Adriana Lastra, and the Secretary for Organization, Santos Cerdán, he has welcomed the new spokespersons in Congress and the Senate, Héctor Gómez and Eva Granados, and has urged parliamentary groups to carry out whatever before the equal treatment law – known as the Zerolo law – with which the socialists intend to fight against hate speech. That will be a new “wall” to fight against intolerance, according to the socialist leader, who has assured that whenever the PSOE governs, progress is made in “rights and freedoms”, among which the same-sex marriage law has been listed. , the equality law, the euthanasia law or the LGTBI law, which the Government recently approved after a major fight between former Vice President Carmen Calvo and United We Can. Calvo and José Luis Ábalos, who are the only former ministers with a seat who came out in the July remodeling, have attended the first meeting of the Socialist Group as rank-and-file deputies.

Beyond the tasks to comply with 38% of the commitments acquired by the Government for this semester, which includes the approval of the General State Budgets, Sánchez has taken his chest out of management in recent years, especially in the fight against the pandemic, which has been divided into three phases (resistance, reactivation and fair recovery). He has also boasted of having managed to meet the vaccination goal while the PP said that it would not be achieved. “They have tried but they have not succeeded because we have approved everything that we have proposed in the Cortes Generales,” he told his people. “Spanish society does not want shouting, it wants dialogue,” he added.

Sánchez has referred to the increase in the price of electricity, which has become the main headache for the Government, and has announced that the Council of Ministers will adopt new measures to cushion that the cost of energy does not impact on the pockets of households, especially the most vulnerable. However, it has not detailed what the new initiatives will consist of.

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