Sunday, December 4

Pedro Sánchez: “We are not going to forget La Palma”

The President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, assured this Monday that, once the volcanic eruption on La Palma is over, “we are not going to forget” the palm tree population and that work will be done on the reconstruction and relaunch of the island .

Sánchez, who has traveled to the island today, has pointed out that in the eight visits he has made to La Palma since the volcanic eruption began on September 19, he has learned the meaning of the term “palm identity”, which it represents, has affirmed , the sense of solidarity, improvement and resistance of the palm society.

He recalled that 138 million euros of aid has already been available out of the almost 400 million that are allocated for the reconstruction of the island and has specified that one of the messages that the palmeros have given him is that they are not forgotten “when the volcano no longer releases lava and the media leaves the island. ”

Sánchez, in a public appearance together with the president of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, and the president of the Cabildo palmero, Mariano Hernández Zapata, has insisted on his commitment to continue with the reconstruction and relaunch of La Palma, the island, which, he said, deserves to be visited.

Likewise, President Sánchez has insisted that even though it is the end of the eruption, it is not the end of the emergency and has asked the palm tree citizens for “maximum understanding, collaboration and patience” when returning to their homes because the authorities and science, he has transferred, are still pending some aspects such as the emission of gases, which can still be harmful to health.

“We understand that you want to return to the houses but it is essential to preserve health, so you have to be aware of and informed of what the civil protection system says,” Sánchez insisted.

For the President of the Government there are “many lessons to be drawn” from the volcanic emergency, among which he has highlighted the demand for the contribution of Canarian and Spanish public science, because thanks to it, he has expressed, the institutions could give an answer prompt and urgent “and avoid many human losses in the initial moments of the eruption.”

The president, who thanked all the emergency and protection teams involved for their work, said that another of the lessons learned is “the importance of having a strong social and democratic state of law and a robust, coordinated and greased ”, a question that will be“ central ”in the next presidents conference in person, which will be held on La Palma in the first weeks of February, and not in the first weeks of January as was originally planned.

“Another lesson that I would like to highlight is the exemplary behavior of the palm trees. In the conversations that I have been able to have, in the barracks or the hotel, they behave with integrity, patience, solidarity and enormous understanding in the face of this natural emergency ”, Sánchez stressed, who has assured that from the beginning he attended to the demand of the citizens palm tree to “set aside any partisan discrepancy.”

In his opinion, all public institutions have worked “side by side” and have put the general interest first with a “formidable” deployment of measures and economic resources that may become “probably insufficient” due to the “magnitude” of the challenge.

“But we are going to give a fulfilled response to all the demands, concerns and that desire for hope that opens once the episode of the eruption is over,” said the Prime Minister, who has listed the aid implemented that in his opinion they are made up of “very eloquent figures” behind which are “lives, hopes, securities and protection.”